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Adam (Upwork Freelancer & Finxter Course Member), UK, now earns $100 per hour

"I LOVE the way your course is set up. So much so, in fact, that I would love to be able to use it with my students. I love the concept of learning a little bit, then being tested on what you have learned. I believe you call it "practice testing." I plan on implementing that concept as soon as school gets back in session on Monday. I also love the way you have implemented the ELO system, so that students who fail on a question are sent back to an easier one before moving ahead."

Lee (Teacher), UK, Course Member

"Finxter Helps Coders Provide for Their Families, Reach Mastery, and Create a Thriving Coding Business."

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Little time to learn Python? Do it in your coffee breaks! This ebook package (incl. BONUS ebook) uses puzzle-based learning – a scientifically proven system of effective teaching — tested on 21,348 online students. (Paperback, Kindle Amazon.com)

Is Slicing a Closed Book to You? After reading this concise booklet, you'll be a slicing master -- and have one thing less to worry about. (Paperback, Kindle Amazon.com)

Fear of missing out on data science and machine learning? The trend of automation is not coming to a halt soon. Is your job at risk to be taken over by machines? This eBook package makes you more valuable in the 21st century. (Paperback Amazon.com)

Brain Games Python

Do you want the skill of speed-reading code? No problem. Buy this book and work through the 127(!) code puzzles and your code understanding speed will go through the roof. (Paperback Amazon.com)

Are You Suffering From Brain Fog? Solve these Python IQ puzzles and get your brain cells back in shape. (Paperback Amazon.com)

Python programmers will improve their computer science skills with these useful one-liners. The book covers essential advanced topics like slicing, list comprehension, broadcasting, lambda functions, algorithms, regular expressions, neural networks, logistic regression and more. (Paperback Amazon.com, eBook Publisher NoStarch)

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