[Finxter Article Recommender] How to Get Started with Python?

Don’t know where to start to learn Python? Check out the Finxter article recommendation engine: simply run the Python code and answer the questions. The engine will then recommend the best articles for you that match your skill level: You can also copy&paste the Python script into your own code file and execute it on … Read more

Hacker News in Python

You may the popular news aggregator “Hacker News” from the sought-after investment company YCombinator. It’s a great place for coders and geeks to share new articles and pearls they found on the web. Sebastian, an active member of the Finxter community, asked the following question: “Wouldn’t it be great to have such a platform specifically … Read more

20 Guerilla Online Marketing Ideas for Your Small Organization

This is a dynamically growing list of marketing tips you can use to grow your business with online marketing techniques. Search Engine Optimization Write Blog Articles: Write blog articles in your field that are optimized for specific keywords. For example, if you are a singer in New York, write blog articles such as “10 Best … Read more

What’s the Secret of a Smart and Intelligent Life?

[Book Launch] Brain Games Python You need to leverage all three types of intelligence accessible to you. Learn about the three types of intelligence accessible to you in this book launch video: Get the book “Brain Games Python” now!

NumPy Datetime: How to Work with Dates and Times in Python?

Dates and times have come a long way since the hourglass was invented

In this article, we’ll be learning about something that is literally everywhere. Whatever corner you turn, whatever street you run down, you can’t get away from it. It is as ubiquitous as the physical space around us. Yes today, we’re talking about… TIME. More specifically, we’re talking about NumPy’s functions that represent dates and times. … Read more