Month: February 2020

Python Re Escape

I don’t know how often I sat in front of my computer, writing regular expressions and wondering: how to escape this or that character? The problem is that some special characters have a special meaning in Python strings and regular expressions. If you want to remove the special meaning, you need to escape the characters …

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Regex Special Characters – Examples in Python Re

Regular expressions are a strange animal. Many students find them difficult to understand – do you? I realized that a major reason for this is simply that they don’t understand the special regex characters. To put it differently: understand the special characters and everything else in the regex space will come much easier to you. …

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Python Re Groups

This tutorial explains everything you need to know about matching groups in Python’s re package for regular expressions. You may have also read the term “capture groups” which points to the same concept. As you read through the tutorial, you can also watch the tutorial video where I explain everything in a simple way: Related …

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