Top 10 PyCharm Cheat Sheets

Hey Finxters! We all need cheat sheets for Python and all its intricacies. Python has many libraries and there are so many IDE applications you can use  with it! One of these IDEs is called Pycharm! I want to introduce you to some of Pycharms shortcuts! Let’s get started right away! Full PyCharm Tutorial Finxter … Read more

Less Is More in Design

This chapter draft from my upcoming book “From One to Zero: Minimalism in Programming” will appear in revised form in 2021 with NoStarch (SanFrancisco). Stay tuned for updates on the book launch: In this chapter, you’ll enter a vital area in computer science that greatly benefits from a minimalistic mindset: design and user experience (UX). … Read more

How to Create an Interactive Web Application using a Jupyter Notebook

Summary: To create an interactive web application in a Jupyter Notebook, use the three libraries ipywidgets, voila, and binder. This requires only basic Python programming skills without the need to learn a new framework. There are various Python tools available to create web applications and frontend GUIs.  For example, Flask and Django. As useful as … Read more

Python property() — What You Always Wanted to Know But Never Dared to Ask

Object-orientation is great way to encapsulate data in your application. This minimizes complexity and adheres to good software engineering principles. However, attributes in Python can be easily accessed from the outside—they’re not really encapsulated. That’s one of the reason the property() built-in function exists: it allows you to truly encapsulate data with the means of … Read more

Python Get Milliseconds

In this article we are going to look at how we can see time in milliseconds,  i.e. one thousandth (1000th) of a second, using Python. This could be for pure curiosity, benchmarking code or to get  a very, very accurate time of day –  whatever the reason, the focus of the article is how to … Read more