Don't Compete on Price as a Self-Employed Freelance Developer

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Today, there’s a global competition in the coding market. If you create your coding business online, you compete for business with coders all around the world.

Become a self-employed freelance coder in the trendiest programming language in the universe!

And there are great coders in India, Pakistan, and other countries who have a great advantage in terms of pricing flexibility—it’s much easier to reduce prices if you are living in non-expensive areas. If you are living in Silicon Valley, you need to charge premium prices just to be able to afford basic housing.

Before you conclude that you don’t have a chance of pursuing this freelancer thing, stay with me. If the world was that easy, America would already be out of business.

This is far from true—American coders are thriving these days.

Now, how can you possibly compete in the global economy as a coder in a developed nation?

The answer is simple and straight: don’t compete for price. You need to provide superior perceived value. That’s it.

If you compete for perceived value, you can easily earn six figures in the US.

Watch the video to learn more:

Don't Compete For Price as a Self-Employed Developer!

How can you improve perceived value?

  • Establish predictability through testimonials and positive ratings.
  • Communicate well, be responsive, be positive.
  • Become a marketing and sales pro (e.g. create your own community).

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