7 Effective Prompting Tricks for ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a powerful AI conversation model that can assist you in generating various types of text content. But to get the best results, you need to give clear and specific prompts.

Here are 7 prompting strategies that can help you get the most out of ChatGPT:

Trick #1 – Define ChatGPT’s Role

ChatGPT can play different roles, such as a tour guide, philosopher, or translator. To get the desired result, give ChatGPT a prompt that specifies the role it needs to play.

Example: πŸ‘‡

"I want you to act as a tour guide. I’ll write you my location, and you’ll suggest a place for me to visit near my location."

I also created a fun way to role-play a mastermind group with your personal heroes. You can check it out in this article — I promise it’ll be worth your time:

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Trick #2 -Define Target Group and Communication Channel

To avoid tedious rewriting, give ChatGPT as much information as possible about the target group and the communication channel. Tell the AI how to address the reader and for which channel the text is intended.

Example: πŸ‘‡

"I need a script for a TikTok about the opportunities and risks of ChatGPT. Use short sentences. Address the audience directly. Use gender-neutral language."

Trick #3 -Chained Prompting

Break up complex tasks into several intermediate steps, hoping the AI will generate a more concrete, customized, and better result.

Example: πŸ‘‡

"Write an article about ChatGPT. First give me the outline, which consists of a headline, a teaser, and several subheadings.

... (possibly wait for generated output) ...

Now write five key messages for each subheading. Add five keywords to the key messages for each subheading."

I think this is one of the best hacks of prompt engineering. Trial. Error. Iteration. You’ll often get your desired output quickly and efficiently and get better at it in no time!

Trick #4 -Create Content Variations

Prepare the same content for different channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. The text should be adapted to the tone and formatting of the target channel.

Example: πŸ‘‡

"Formulate the generated text as a LinkedIn post. Keep in mind that the maximum length is 3000 characters. Structure the main points of the text into a bulleted list. Start with an exciting teaser sentence and end with a call to action for more engagement."

Trick #5 -Format Output

ChatGPT replies in plain text by default, but it can handle formatting in the Markdown markup language, such as headings, bold or italic text, ordered or unordered lists, and even tables.

Example: πŸ‘‡

"I need a blog post about ChatGPT. Write a headline, a teaser, a subtitle, and a paragraph. Format everything in Markdown."

Trick #6 -Generate Prompt Instructions

Instruct ChatGPT to take on a specific role and ask itself the questions it needs to answer in the next prompts.

Example: πŸ‘‡

"You are a robot for creating prompts. You need to gather information about the user’s goals, examples of preferred output, and any other relevant contextual information. The prompt should contain all the necessary information provided to you. Ask the user more questions until you are sure you can create an optimal prompt."

Trick #7 -Extract Structured From Unstructured Data

Extract structured data from unstructured data by specifying a desired output format (e.g., CSV) with one example output. This can help you in data preprocessing.

Example: πŸ‘‡

Extract house pricing data from the following text.

Text: """
A 100 square meter house I recently visited in Florida costs $1 million dollars. I was surprised as my own 90 square meter house in Florida costs only $100 thousands USD. Compare this to the house of my friend ($500000 USD for 110 square meter). 

Desired output format: """
House 1 | $1,000,000 | 100 sqm


ChatGPT is a versatile, mind-blowing tool that can assist you in generating various types of text content. However, you need to give clear and specific prompts to get the best results.

These 7 prompting strategies can help you get the most out of ChatGPT and produce high-quality content.

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