A Simple Formula to Reach Any Success

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Yesterday, I found this email in my INBOX — sent by Finxter Muhammad, one of my most loyal “Coffee Break Python” email readers:


I have good news I got a job as a Python programmer in a software house.All credit goes to you – Your daily puzzles made me good in Python…..


While I don’t agree — all credit goes to him– I know the real reason why Muhammad got the job: he is super persistent.

He reads the vast majority of the Finxter DAILY Python emails and interacts with the content regularly. How do I know? Because he sends me a lot of questions and messages.

And he stayed on the list for almost a year! His Finxter.com rating has increased constantly during the last 12 months.

Day after day after day he solved Python puzzles, studied Finxter tutorials, asked me questions, engaged with the Finxter content. All while he was working at his main job.

Muhammad followed the super simple formula to success that works every single time: stay in the game, learn, and improve.

In the name of all Finxters, I would like to congratulate Muhammad for his great achievement!

You, too, keep up the good work studying your daily “Coffee Break Python”!

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