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Welcome to the Finxter blog! My name is Chris, and I started this coding venture a couple of years ago.

Over the years, I have chatted with tens of thousands of Finxters who shared their stories and struggles with me.

πŸ‘‰ See here and here to read a lot of feedback from the community.

Today, allow me to share my story about why I started teaching freelancing.

It may inspire you to take control of your life if you’re in a tough spot right now – for example, struggling with the economic, military, and energy crises that are happening right now.

If you’re not interested in my personal story, now would be the time to stop reading. I won’t blame you!


Once upon a time, when I was a timid and naive 20-year-old dreamer, my 18-year-old girlfriend unexpectedly got pregnant. 🀰

She was still in high school, and I had just started studying computer science.

At the time, we had zero income and maybe $900 in savings.

I was living in a cheap 15-square-meter room with a desk and a bed and not much else.

As young and poor parents without any education or degree, we constantly felt judgment and pity from society.

We couldn’t even rent a flat because no landlord was crazy enough to take us in.

During all the struggle, we had love and dreams and the belief that everything would get better eventually: I was going to be a computer scientist in five years.

That is if I found a way to support my family on a shoestring – and avoided screwing up my education.

The first ten years, money was tight as hell. Little time. Lots of hard work. No TV. No Games. No Saturday night partying.

Well, maybe a little…

I am not a wunderkind. But I have good work ethic, and long-term goals, and I don’t give up easily. Finally, after ten tough years, I got my Ph.D. in computer science “summa cum laude”.

I now had a steady paycheck from my government job. But I eventually learned that the academic degrees didn’t help in improving our financial situation. 

People made far more money and had far more free time coding in the private sector and without academic degrees.

I decided to take matters into my own hands again by creating my own coding business as a freelance developer.

In little time, I reached six-figure income levels. And I had much more free time compared to my government job that I held before.

My second child – now five years old – knows his father to have infinite time playing soccer, video games, or watching the Tesla Bot taking his first steps on YouTube. 

(He plans to become CEO of Tesla – stay tuned @Elon).


Becoming a freelancer was a pivot point in my life.

To share all I know about creating a thriving coding business online, I have set up our freelancer course.

It focuses on the fundamentals:

  1. find your niche,
  2. build your skills,
  3. create value for your customers, and
  4. take massive action.

Simple, but sometimes not so easy…

If you want more from life and you love coding, feel free to subscribe to my free email academy, I’d love to have you in our community of ambitious coders who have not yet lost their ability to dream of a better life! ❀️