Has a piece of code ever puzzled you? You read the code but the meaning is just not popping into your head.

Welcome to the world of coding! Every coder knows this feeling. It’s a natural consequence of your decision to learn to code.

The Finxter Loop

How to start learning to code?

Finxter teaches you the valuable skill of rapid code understanding. To make learning fun, we have created the three-step Finxter loop. Here’s the deal: at least once a day, you …

  1. … solve a code puzzle in your current skill level,
  2. … read the explanations to improve your skills,
  3. … enjoy the endorphins released by your body when solving the puzzle.

If you simply repeat this small 5-minute habit daily, you’ll become a great coder.

The Finxter loop is so important to our approach to learning that we made a small video, too. ?


This is All Well and Good. But Is There More?

You’re not easily convinced, are you? Beyond being 100% free, your Finxter benefits are:

  • Broad learning: >300 Python code puzzles with a rapidly growing puzzle base.
  • Visual learning: >300 selected educative videos to explain Python concepts of each puzzle.
  • Focused learning: One Python key concept per puzzle.
  • Individualized learning: Puzzles in your difficulty level.
  • Scientific learning: Finxter is based on the scientifically proven learning method practice testing.
  • Test-driven learning: Test your skill level and compare it against thousands of other Finxters.
  • Interactive learning: Finxter Community helps you grow your skills.
  • Fast learning: 5-minute Finxter loop for sustainable learning progress.
  • Provable learning: Certificates to prove your progress to employers.

Coding is like learning a new language. You improve by listening to and expressing yourself in the new language. A core language skill is to understand words quickly. Likewise, a core programming skill is to understand code quickly.

Finxter teaches you rapid code understanding. It teaches you to see beyond the code. When we are done with you, the meaning of a code snippet will unfold like words from your mother’s tongue. At this point, consider yourself a code master.

Becoming a code master is what we at Finxter want for you. Furthermore, we want you to achieve this with minimal effort only by committing to a simple process. We know: If you are like most of our users, you can not commit full-time to learning to code.

Fortunately, this is not needed. A small habit is much better than a great event. Learn 5 minutes every day and not a single whole weekend. True learning is a process, not an event.

To help you reach your goal on the side, we have created the Finxter loop, a daily 5-minute habit. Solve a puzzle a day and enjoy the release of endorphins into your brain when solving it. Commit to this single habit and your Python skills will expand rapidly.

Solve a code puzzle now!

Behind the Scences

Finxter is not about us, it’s about you. Yet, many people want to hear more–so here you are.

Christian Foto

Author Finxter.com

“Be a server, not a client!”
Christian worked as a doctoral computer science researcher in the area of distributed systems in Stuttgart, Germany. He has taught many students in computer science, graph theory, and distributed systems. His passions are writing, reading, and coding. Christian’s mission is to serve aspiring coders through Finxter and help them to boost their skills.

In 2019, Christian also belonged to the top ten writers in Quora in both categories “Programming Languages” and “Python”:

There’s a lot of help from Finxters all around the world. But there’s also the core Finxter and “Coffee Break Python” team that keeps pushing our cause forward day after day after day…

Lukas — Cloud Operations Engineer

After my apprenticeship as a practical ​coder, ​I studied ​software ​engineering at University of Stuttgart​ where I worked together with Christian in distributed graph processing research. For the last years, I have been working as a developer and Cloud Operations Engineer​.

I discovered my passion for teaching computer science ​as a ​coding tutor. ​With Finxter and the “Coffee Break Python” books, I want to share with you my love for Python ​– because of its clarity, flexibility, and ​vast range of libraries!

Lukas is managing the thriving Finxter Instagram Page (one of our users coined it: FINXTAGRAMERS). Follow Finxter for YOUR DAILY FREE PYTHON PUZZLES!

Zohaib — Software Developer

I have recently completed my doctoral research in Computer Science at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Most of my research work involved mining of ​human location datasets using machine-learning algorithms in Python and MATLAB.

​I want to help you master difficult technical concepts​ and would love to share ​with you my knowledge and skills regarding programming and data-mining.

What our Users Say

Please find a compiled list with many more testimonials on the Finxter testimonial page.

“The site is absolutely fantastic! It has really helped me grow in confidence in reading code and develop my skills in Python. Thank you for making such a great site.”
Johnathan S.

“Awesome content! ?”
Dmitrij S.

“I very much enjoy your finxter.com website because it has some real meat to the problems. Thank you so much for doing this project!  I love it!”
David C.

“I like a lot your coding puzzles. I think those are great posts and your page is the only one doing it.”
Miguel H.

“Your site is awesome.”
Victor A.

“I found Finxter an excellent tool to brush up on my Python skills. I totally love the setup of playing against the questions – such a wonderful idea <3 … and great questions.”
Jesper R.