I Just Found This All-GPTs Dataset on GitHub: 300k OpenAI GPTs

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I recently stumbled upon an amazing GitHub repository, “openai-gpts-data”, which is a treasure trove of data on 349K OpenAI Custom GPT models.

This dataset is incredibly valuable for anyone involved in the tech, coding, or AI fields. If you’re a coder (like me) looking for real-world data to train your models, an AI expert keen on analyzing trends in GPT development, or just a tech enthusiast curious about the latest in AI advancements, this repository is a treasure trove.

Scrolling through the most successful GPTs, I found a few great ideas for GPTs:

It offers a detailed glimpse into the characteristics, variations, and evolution of GPT models, providing a solid foundation for research, development, and innovative projects.

I strongly recommend checking out this repository for an in-depth exploration of generative models and to spark new ideas for your work. For more information and to access the data, visit their GitHub page or their Dashboard here.

How Many GPTs Have Been Created?

At the time of writing, i.e., in March 2024, there are 310,000 GPTs on the OpenAI GPT Store.

What Are The Most Successful GPTs?

The following six GPTs are the most successful in a number of conversations. They all have more than one million conversations:

  • image generator – A GPT specialized in generating and refining images with a mix of professional and friendly tone.
  • Consensus – Your AI Research Assistant. Search 200M academic papers from Consensus, get science-based answers, and draft content with accurate citations.
  • Grimoire – Coding WizardπŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ Learn to Prompt-gram! Create a website with a sentence. 20+ Hotkeys for coding flows. 75 starter projects to learn prompt-1st code & art. Build anything! Ask any question or upload a photo. Type R for README, K for cmd menu v2.2 βœ¨πŸ“œ GPTavern
  • Logo Creator – Use me to generate professional logo designs and app icons!
  • Write For Me – Write tailored, engaging content with a focus on quality, relevance and precise word count.
  • Canva – Effortlessly design anything: presentations, logos, social media posts and more.