Are You to Young to Become a Python Freelancer?

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The short answer is no. You are not too young.

Was Warren Buffet too young when buying his first stocks at the age of 11? Was Magnus Carlsen, the world’s best chess player, too young when he started playing chess at age 5? Was Mark Zuckerberg too young when he started Facebook?

If anything else, young age is an advantage and you should use this advantage by relentlessly pursuing maximal value for your clients. If you do just that, you have a good chance to build yourself a thriving business within a few years.

If you are young, you learn quickly. By focusing your learning on highly practical tasks such as solving problems for clients by using Python code, you create a well-rounded personality and skillset.

Watch my video to get a detailed answer to this question:

Are You To Young to Become a Freelance Developer (Python, C++, Java)?

Here’s the link to the Python freelancing webinar.

Just to make this point crystal clear: there are plenty of successful freelancers earning more than employees who have very limited technical skills. They are successful because they are responsive, positive, upbeat, and are committed making the lives of their clients easier. That’s what matters most as a freelancer.

As you see there’s no age barrier here—just double down on your advantages rather than focus too much on your disadvantages.

If you want to become a Python freelance developer (and create your coding business online), check out my free webinar “How to Build Your High-Income Skill Python”. Just click the link, register, and watch the webinar immediately. It’s a replay so you won’t have to wait even a minute to watch it. The webinar is a Powerpoint presentation that will give you a detailed overview of the Python freelancing space.

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