Adam Murphy

I am a self-taught programmer with a First Class degree in Mathematics and a love of writing. I write articles on all aspects of Data Science and Machine Learning. My best ones are those where I teach a particular concept. This allows me to explain using words, code and elegant visualisations. My style is relaxed and easy to understand. But more formal content can be produced if requested. My articles are not purely theoretical and are grounded in reality. This ensures the reader can apply the ideas to their lives straight away. I prefer to share the data sets and code I create for each article to aid this further. I have a deep understanding of all the most popular data science libraries and concepts such as pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, keras, NLP, deep learning, neural networks, CNN, web scraping, Scrapy, un/supervised learning, matplotlib and seaborn. I am not experienced with computer vision, so if you are looking for in-depth articles on that, I will not be much use. To enhance articles, I can record and edit an accompanying YouTube video and/or audio recording. Plus I can split the article and video into bitesize chunks for use on Instagram, Twitter etc. I pride myself on a fast turnaround. Depending on my workload, I can deliver 1500 word articles in 1 day and longer articles within 2. If I sound like a good match for you, please send me a message. I am happy to write about any topic you like and provide ideas and content direction if needed.

Python Dictionary – The Ultimate Guide

Python comes with several built-in data types. These are the foundational building blocks of the whole language. They have been optimised and perfected over many years. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will explore one of the most important: the dictionary (or dict for short). For your convenience, I’ve created a comprehensive 8000-word eBook which you …

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Python’s Random Module – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes good things happen out of the blue like you find $100 on the floor. And sometimes bad things happen, like your flight being canceled because of bad weather. Most programming languages have a module to deal with randomness. Python is no exception coming with the module named random and in this …

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NumPy Datetime: How to Work with Dates and Times in Python?

In this article, we’ll be learning about something that is literally everywhere. Whatever corner you turn, whatever street you run down, you can’t get away from it. It is as ubiquitous as the physical space around us. Yes today, we’re talking about… TIME. More specifically, we’re talking about NumPy’s functions that represent dates and times. …

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