Top 10 Best Selenium Cheat Sheets.

Hey Finxters! I am back to write another top 10 cheat sheets for Python with libraries, open-source and frames that can be used with it. Today, we are going to discuss Selenium Cheat Sheets used in Python. To better explain, Selenium is an open-source web-based automation tool that allows you to test your web application … Read more

Top 10 Git Cheat Sheets

Hello everyone! It is time for another top 10 cheat sheet! Today, I will be presenting the top 10 cheat sheets on Git! Not to be confused with GitHub, Git is a repository for all the changes you have made on your web or software development project. At first Git can be a little confusing, … Read more

[Collection] 10 Tensorflow Cheat Sheets Every ML Engineer Must Download, Print, and Study

Have a little time to learn Tensorflow 2.0 with your Machine Learning? In this article, I have put together the 10 best Tensorflow cheat sheets for you to hang on the wall above your desk. Whenever you need a reference, keep these handy cheat sheets available!! Cheat Sheet 1: BecomingHuman.AI has multiple cheat sheets … Read more

[Collection] 10 Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheets Every Machine Learning Engineer Must Have

Do you need a little help learning Scikit-Learn in Python? Or maybe you just finding it hard to remember all the different commands to perform different operations? All of those formulas can be confusing and hard to remember. Have no fear!! I have put together 10 of the Best Python Scikit-Learn cheat sheets for you … Read more

How to Reverse/Invert a Dictionary Mapping

In Python, a dictionary is an implementation of a data structure known most commonly as an associative array. This collection of key-values pairs maps the key to the associated value that can be implemented in many ways from knowing the price of apples and peas to put into the grocery store app that is used … Read more