Matplotlib Color Palette

In this article, we’ll learn how to generate the Matplotlib color palette and then we will use it to select a specific color for our plot. Problem and Solution Overview Problem: When presenting data, the color that you assign to a plot is very important; a bad color choice can make your data difficult to … Read more

Matplotlib – How to Change Subplot Sizes

How to change the size of your matplotlib subplots? The method .subplots() can easily generate multiple subplots within the same plotting figure. But as you may have already noticed, all the subplots have the exact same size and moreover, their size will be adjusted automatically, depending on how many of them you want to display … Read more

Manipulating Dates and Times in Python

In this article we will cover some basic features of the datetime module in Python. More specifically, we will see how to extract the current date and time and how to implement these features within a script in order to realize time-driven actions. Long Story Short The datetime module in Python allows you to deal … Read more

How to Customize Multiple Subplots in Matplotlib

This article will cover a specific issue that most Python users encounter when using Matplotlib for plotting their graphs. I am talking about defining multiple subplots and being able to access and change their properties individually. In the following sections, we will see how to use the Matplotlib function .subplots() for generating multiple subplots and … Read more

How to Calculate Percentiles in Python

This article deals with calculating percentiles. Percentiles are statistical indicators that are used to describe specific portions of a sample population. The following sections will explain what percentiles are, what they are used for and how to calculate them, using Python. As you will see, Python allows solving this problem in multiple ways, either by … Read more

Symbolic Math with SymPy

This article shows how to solve math equations and expressions symbolically, in Python. Thanks to the Sympy library, this turns out to be an extremely easy task. However, as you will see in the following examples, the number of tools and functions provided by this library is huge. Thanks to all its features, Sympy represents … Read more