How to Insert a String into Another String at a Given Index in Python? 

Let’s start this article with a quick question to understand your understanding of strings. 💬 Question: Can the string objects be modified in Python? What do you think? Well, the fact is String objects are immutable. They cannot be modified. Consider the below example :  Output: Now you might say, replacement operations and insertion operations … Read more

How to Get the Contents from the iframe Tag using Beautiful Soup? 

The HTML iframe tags are extensively used on a webpage to display advertisements, map locations, results, etc. When we’re scrapping a website, we might have to extract the data from the iframe elements.  It is possible to extract the data from the iframe elements. But the way of doing it is slightly different. In this … Read more

How to Get a Thread ID in Python?

Background and Problem Description Multi-threading allows you to run your program concurrently. You can achieve this by using threads. 💡 Definition: In simple terms, a thread is a set of instructions that can be executed independently to perform some task. One thread might run a part of the program while the other runs another part. … Read more