Web Hacking 101: Solving the TryHackMe Pickle Rick “Capture The Flag” Challenge

The Pickle Rick CTF (capture the flag) challenge requires basic webhacking techniques including: The theme of the challenge is Rick and Morty, the animated tv show. The silly premise of this box is that we need to find the three hidden ingredients that Rick needs to change himself from a pickle back to a human. … Read more

Python Library Hijacking – A Simple Demonstration on NumPy

In this blog post, I’ll show you how recreated a Python library hijacking vulnerability on my home network. The Wonderland box on TryHackMe was the inspiration for exploring this kind of vulnerability. In my previous Wonderland walkthrough blog post, I highlighted an example of exploiting the ‘random’ module to switch users without knowing their password. … Read more

TryHackMe Walkthrough – Wonderland

This is part of the hacking security series on multiple TryHackMe challenges: Introduction Over the past few months, I’ve been working through the junior penetration tester career pathway on TryHackMe and doing hacking practice boxes on the side to keep applying my learning in practical settings. So far almost every hacking lab includes at least … Read more

[Python Project] Data Conversion Bot with Automated Email Functionality

👾 GitHub Link: https://github.com/Benjamin-James-Reitz/attendancebot-3.0 As one of my first Python scripts, I coded a data conversion bot with automated email functionality in Python 3. As you go over this tutorial, feel free to watch my explainer video as well: Why This Project? The script helped me save time by letting the computer do the busy … Read more