How to Build and Host Your Python Web App for Free

Hey Finxters! Have you ever felt surrounded by developers boasting from their latest app in prod hosted in the cloud?  Or the need for making yours too but overwhelmed by the technicalities involved? Needed to set up quickly and easily a mini data science demo website without resorting to web developers? Or simply wanting to … Read more

Coding Your Own Google Home and Launch Spotify in Python

Doesn’t this project sound exciting? Project Goal Project goal: code your own Google Home with Python and learn how to use speech recognition to launch Spotify and play songs! Ever wanted to code a powerful yet simple tool that is more bespoke than mainstream devices? We will learn how to implement it in Python with … Read more

The K-Means Algorithm in Python

Hey Finxters! Today we are going to talk about one of the most popular clustering algorithms: K-Means. Ever wondered how to organize seemingly unstructured data, making sense of unordered objects, in an easy way? For example, you might need to: perform customer segmentation store files based on their text content compress images with your own … Read more

EZGmail and Python — Managing Your Emails Programmatically

Hey Finxters! Among the many daily tasks you can achieve with Python, there is one Siri-like task that comes quite handy: managing your emails in a programmatic way.  Of course, many emails need your human understanding to be processed properly, and this article is not about implementing a neural network to fine-tune every single email … Read more