A Gentle Introduction to Python’s Time Module

Having looked at the Python date and datetime modules in previous articles, today we’ll take a closer look at the time module and understand how to extract, input, and work with times in our coding. First, I’ll recap on computer time and introduce the time object we’ll be using with the functions we introduce later … Read more

How to Handle Timezone Differences in Python

Article Overview: In a previous post, we discussed the datetime module in Python and used it to iterate through a range of dates. Today, let’s learn how to manage timezones in Python using the datetime module and a third-party package called dateutil.  I aim to choose a range of world cities and print the local … Read more

Are Python Lambda Functions All Greek To You?

Learn to Love Your Lambda! Lambda functions in python are simple one-line functions without a name (and therefore called an anonymous function) that can take many arguments but will only evaluate a single expression. They’re fast, short, and simple and can help you write cleaner ‘more pythonic’ code. If like me you wanted to learn … Read more