How to Scrape Wikipedia Pages to Create a Question-Answer Database?

Why Create a QA Database? A good question often opens up new perspectives and new ways of thinking. But that’s not why I had to create a Question-Answering database. Question-Answering (QA) databases play an important role in researching and developing large language models (LLMs). These databases have two primary applications: Traditionally, QA databases can be … Read more

Data Science Tells This Story About the Global Wine Markets 🍷

📖 Background Many people like to relax or party with a glass of wine. That makes wine an important industry in many countries. Understanding this market is important to the livelihood of many people. For fun, consider the following fictional scenario: 🍷 Story: You work at a multinational consumer goods organization that is considering entering … Read more

How to Develop LARS Regression Models in Python?

What is LARS regression? Regression is the analysis of how a variable (the outcome variable) depends on the evolution of other variables (explanatory variables). In regression, we are looking for the answer to the question of what is the function that can be used to predict the value of another variable Y by knowing the … Read more