How to Classify Star Wars Lego Images using CNN and Transfer Learning

This tutorial is about training deep learning (DL) models to classify Star Wars Lego images. We use the TensorFlow library to create and compare the image classifiers. Are you looking for interesting deep learning projects that are suitable for beginners? Do not worry, this is not another MNIST image classification tutorial. Instead, we are going … Read more

Python OpenCV Image Processing – Resize, Blend, Blur, Threshold, Convert

This tutorial is an introduction to the OpenCV library. Learn how to convert color channels, resize, blend, blur, and threshold images in Python. The OpenCV [1] library contains most of the functions we need for working with images. Handling images in programming requires a different intuition than handling text data. An image is made up … Read more

How to Extract Text from Images in Python using OpenCV and EasyOCR

You can extract text from images with EasyOCR, a deep learning-based OCR tool in Python. EasyOCR performs very well on invoices, handwriting, car plates, and public signs. First released in 2007, PyTesseract [1] is the to-go library for extracting text from images. It uses classical computer vision methods to perform optical character recognition (OCR), then … Read more

How to Create an Interactive Web Application using a Jupyter Notebook

Summary: To create an interactive web application in a Jupyter Notebook, use the three libraries ipywidgets, voila, and binder. This requires only basic Python programming skills without the need to learn a new framework. There are various Python tools available to create web applications and frontend GUIs. For example, Flask and Django. As useful as … Read more