GPT Store Disruption – The Next Foundational Platform Will Dwarf Today’s Big Tech Monopolies

In tech disruptions, the real game-changer isn’t always the invention itself but how it’s used. Take Uber and Airbnb, for example. These aren’t just apps; they’re entire ecosystems that reshaped how we travel and stay, built upon the foundational platform of Apple’s App Store. Now, we’re at the brink of a similar revolution, this time … Read more

Bitcoin vs Gold

Tech Stack: I created this article using the following steps: Listen to the debate in audio: 🎼 Bitcoin is hailed as a modern innovation in value storage, limited to 21 million coins, which echoes gold’s scarcity without the risk of supply increase. Its divisibility and portability surpass that of gold, enabling easier and faster transactions … Read more

GPT-4’s Hindsight Portfolio for Painfully Obvious Investments Looking Back from 2030 🔮

My goal with Finxter is to help you stay on the right side of change. I firmly believe that in the next decades, you need to be an asset holder and owner rather than just being a worker bee being increasingly replaced by automation. But what investments to hold to be on the right side … Read more

What is the Best Programming Language for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Core, i.e., the protocol that runs the distributed P2P network, is written in C++. To become a Bitcoin Core developer, you need to learn C++. To create applications or bots that rely on Bitcoin payments, I’d use Python to access the Bitcoin Lightning 2nd layer payment network on top of Bitcoin, that’s cheap, fast, … Read more

DALL·E 3: Art Professors, Can Machines Truly Not Create Art?

OpenAI’s DALL·E has made impressive progress (Image Credits). Look at one of the first Finxter posts on DALL·E: 🔗 Recommended: I Created My First DALL·E Image in Python OpenAI Using Four Easy Steps Now look at the new DALL·E images: 🔗 Recommended: Chat(GPT) with Images – These Five Prompts Will Impress Your Coworkers All of … Read more

Forecasting Isn’t Enough: The Art of Riding the Change Tsunami

The Finxter mission is to help you stay on the right side of change. In this article, I’ll philosophize on the question: Why do some benefit from change while most do not? It’s tough to see through the many layers of societal and cultural obfuscation. But simplification helps, so here’s a simplified categorization into three … Read more

The War between Tech Deflation & Monetary Inflation ⚔️ Puts This Guardian on the Map 🛡️

We live in fascinating times. Turn on the news, and it often feels like the world is on a downward spiral. Stock markets wavering, geo-political tensions, and the looming specter of inflation. But let me let you in on a secret: there’s a significant mismatch between perception and reality. The Rise and Rise of Tech … Read more

Bitcoin Percentile Online Calculator

BTC Ownership Percentile Calculator BTC Ownership Percentile Calculator Enter your BTC amount: Calculate Percentile 👤👤👤👤👤👤👤👤👤👤 We used the following Bitcoin ownership distribution from the Bitcoin rich list: Balance, BTC Addresses % Addresses (Total) Coins USD % Coins (Total) (0 – 0.00001) 3637113 7.44% (100%) 18.48 BTC $499,973 0% (100%) [0.00001 – 0.0001) 9669214 19.78% (92.56%) … Read more

BitVM – Smart Contracts on Bitcoin Without Hard Fork

🧑‍💻 TLDR: The BitVM whitepaper by Bitcoin developer Robin Linus introduces a method to implement Ethereum-like smart contracts on Bitcoin without a hard fork. BitVM proposes a system where contract logic is executed off-chain but verified on Bitcoin, similar to Ethereum’s optimistic rollups, BitVM enables Turing-complete Bitcoin contracts. The architecture employs fraud proofs and a … Read more

Disruptive Innovation – A Friendly Guide for Small Coding Startups

Disruptive innovation, a concept introduced in 1995, has become a wildly popular concept explaining innovation-driven growth. The Disruptive Innovation Model Clayton Christensen’s “Disruptive Innovation Model” refers to a theory that explains how smaller companies can successfully challenge established incumbent businesses. Here’s a detailed breakdown: 📈 Disruptive Innovation refers to a new technology, process, or business … Read more

GPT-4 with Vision (GPT-4V) Is Out! 32 Fun Examples with Screenshots

💡 TLDR: GPT-4 with vision (GPT-4V) is now out for many ChatGPT Plus users in the US and some other regions! You can instruct GPT-4 to analyze image inputs. GPT-4V incorporates additional modalities such as image inputs into large language models (LLMs). Multimodal LLMs will expand the reach of AI from mainly language-based applications to … Read more