Python Package Version: the __version__ Attribute

Python __version__ Attribute Python contains many “Magic Methods/Attributes”. One of these is __version__ commonly called “Dunder version” because of the double underscore before and after version. In this article, I will briefly look at what a Dunder Method/Attribute is and talk about __version__. What Does a Dunder Method/Attribute Do? Dunder Methods/Attributes, also called “Magic Methods” … Read more

Python BeautifulSoup XML to Dict, JSON, DataFrame, CSV

Though Python’s BeautifulSoup module was designed to scrape HTML files, it can also be used to parse XML files. In today’s professional marketplace, it is useful to be able to change an XML file into other formats, specifically dictionaries, CSV, JSON, and dataframes according to specific needs. In this article, we will discuss that process. … Read more