50 Best Midjourney Style Prompts (New Version 6)

πŸ‘‰ Please find a comma-separated list of styles at the end of this article! On Twitter, you often read beginners voicing a strong and mostly unfounded opinion that prompt engineering is not a real skill. Yet – changing a single word in a 32-word prompt can completely change the output. Alien technology, indeed! And taming … Read more

Midjourney V5 vs V6: 10 Portrait Examples That Show the Differences (Before/After)

Example 1 – Taiwanese Girl πŸ‘§ Prompt: “Hyperrealism. A taiwanese girl who looks about 20 years old. She has shoulderlong black hair with bangs, heartshaped lips and peach blossom-shaped, dark brown eyes. She looks over her shoulder at the camera, looking slightly surpised” A great example of what Version 6.0 does better compared to Version … Read more