Caesar Cipher in Python

Caesar Cipher is a simple encryption and obfuscation method. It’s a straightforward substitution cipher that replaces each plain text character with the obfuscated character obtained by shifting the plain text character a fixed number of positions in the alphabet. What is Cryptography? Before we introduce our first cryptographic algorithm, Caesar’s cipher, let’s first introduce cryptography … Read more

Python Base64 – String Encoding and Decoding [+Video]

A Short Guide to Base64’s History and Purpose Base64 is a system of binary-to-text transcoding schemas, which enable the bidirectional transformation of various binary and non-binary content to plain text and back. Compared to binary content, storage and transfer of textual content over the network is significantly simplified and opens many possibilities for flexible data … Read more

Python Backtracking – A Helpful Guide with Video

You can check out the slides here (direct PDF link): Before we’ll dive into the algorithm and the Python implementation, let’s first skim over some related graph tutorials you may enjoy and that may help your understanding! Related Graph Tutorials This algorithm is part of our graph algorithm tutorials: Breadth-First Search (BFS) Algorithm in Python … Read more

Python Dijkstra Algorithm

You can download the PDF file of the presentation here. Also, watch the presentation as a Gif here: What is Dijkstra’s Algorithm? Dijkstra’s algorithm solves the single-source shortest path (SSSP) problem. Generally, it enables finding the shortest route between two vertices in a graph. Its author is dr. Edsger W. Dijkstra, a pioneering contributor to … Read more

Iterative Deepening Depth-First Search (DFS) Algorithm in Python

What is an Iterative Deepening Depth-First Search Algorithm? Continuing our story even further, after introducing graphs and basic graph traversal algorithms, we will refine the Depth-First Search Algorithm by introducing the iterative depth limitation. An iterative deepening depth-search algorithm also traverses a graph by exploring it vertex-by-vertex, but it does it by following the vertical … Read more

Python Depth-First Search (DFS) Algorithm

What is a Depth-First Search (DFS) Algorithm? Building on our previous story about graphs and graph traversal algorithms, this time we will look into a depth-first search algorithm. A depth-search algorithm also traverses a graph by exploring it vertex-by-vertex, but it does it by following the vertical order of the vertices. Although the depth-first search … Read more