How to Print Italic Text in Python?

You can change your text to bold, italic, and underlined in Python. Not only can you play around with the style of your code but also change its color with the help of specific packages and modules in Python. Interesting! Isn’t it? There are different ways of doing this. By the end of this tutorial, … Read more

Can a Miner Change a Bitcoin Transaction?

You should always apply your own critical thinking when it comes to the crypto space. One question asked by many critical thinkers who know the overall idea of the Bitcoin protocol but not yet its technicalities is: 💬 Question: What if a miner is not trustworthy and tries to change my transaction? Can the miner … Read more

Agile Software Development with Scrum

💡 Abstract: Is Agile software development with Scrum effective for businesses and tech companies? Here are the benefits of Scrum methodology and everything you should know about it!  In the field of software development, agile software development with Scrum is one of the most popular methodologies. Flexible and low-cost, Agile Scrum is a powerful project … Read more

The $31,000,000 Bitcoin Valuation Thesis

In this article, I’ll develop a simple model on how to value Bitcoin. Valuation thesis: Bitcoin will replace the SWIFT bank-to-bank settlement protocol. Valuation methodology. Bitcoin is now the largest, most decentralized, and most secure international monetary network in the world. This makes it a perfect candidate for bank-to-bank settlements of high-value transactions. Currently, these … Read more

A Bird’s-Eye Perspective on Artificial Intelligence–Written by an AI

This article is contributed by our friendly AI from InferKit that uses a deep neural network to generate text automatically. I (human) guided the AI by proposing different subheadings that may be of interest to the reader. Surprisingly, there are many unique perspectives in the article—and some totally wrong “facts”. So, enjoy this fascinating demonstration … Read more

Struggling to Assemble a Diverse Team? Read On

In today’s corporate world, diversity can give you that crucial edge you need to overtake the competition. The more backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures represented in your team, the more ideas and points of view it will benefit from. Diversity can be the key that unlocks the next big idea. But don’t take my word for … Read more