The numpy.polymul function finds the product (multiplication) of two polynomials a1 and a2. As an input, use either poly1d objects or one-dimensional sequences of polynomial coefficients. If you use the latter, arange this polynomial sequence naturally from highest to lowest degree. Arguments Type Description a1, a2 array_like or poly1d object The input polynomials to be … Read more


Original Documentation Return a copy of a with only the first character of each element capitalized. Calls str.capitalize element-wise. For 8-bit strings, this method is locale-dependent. Parameters: a: array_like of str or unicode: Input array of strings to capitalize. Returns: out: ndarray: Output array of str or unicode, depending on input types See also str.capitalize … Read more

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In this article, we will completely ignore the coding technicalities and syntax for a change. We’ll focus on time and work management, which represents a significant portion of a skillset of well-rounded and successful companies and individuals.  Disclaimer: A clear distinction between project and product management might be blurred in some organizations, and could be … Read more

Best Python IDE and Code Editors [Ultimate Guide]

Python is one of the best and well-reputed high-level programming languages since 1991. It is best for server-side development, AI, scripting, software development, and math. It works well on multiple platforms like Mac, Linux, Windows, and Raspberry Pi. Developers use Python code editor’s software to program and debug the code easily. By using Python IDE, … Read more

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