Python Generate HTML – 3 Easy Ways

πŸ’¬ Problem Statement: How to generate HTML documents in Python? One of the advantages of opting for Python as your programming language is that it is one of the most versatile languages, as it emphasizes code readability with extensive use of white space. It supports a large collection of libraries that serves various purposes, which … Read more

How To Extract Numbers From A String In Python?

The easiest way to extract numbers from a Python string s is to use the expression re.findall(‘\d+’, s). For example, re.findall(‘\d+’, ‘hi 100 alice 18 old 42’) yields the list of strings [‘100′, ’18’, ’42’] that you can then convert to numbers using int() or float(). There are some tricks and alternatives, so keep reading … Read more

How to Count the Number of Words in a String in Python

Problem Formulation Given a string – sentence. How many words does the string sentence have within it? Examples: INPUT sentence = “Finxter helps you to master Python.” OUTPUT Number of words: 6 INPUT sentence = “””Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet. Consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.””” OUTPUT … Read more

How I Made a Language Translator using Python

Project Description I recently made a friend online who lives in Paris. I was very excited to learn about her culture and tell her about mine, but the problem here was how would I communicate with her as she was French. That’s when I thought of creating a Python script that would translate a text … Read more

How I Built an Amazon Price Tracker

Project Description I wanted to gift myself a new mobile phone for all the hard work I have done so far. πŸ˜‰ So, I checked Amazon and decided to buy Samsung Galaxy S22 5G. However, the price displayed was beyond my budget and I was eager to wait for the price to drop below a … Read more

How I Use Python to Automate My Cover Letters

Project Description I was recently thinking of applying for a job change. Many of my friends have already acquired numerous offer letters of late with lucrative salary packages. I was itching to try my luck out in the industry as well. But time and tide wait for none, and I didn’t have much time left … Read more

How I Generate Invoices For My Clients Using Python

Project Description Being self-employed personnel means I regularly need to generate Invoices for my clients to receive the payments. Now, this is a manual task that I have to perform using excel sheets and then convert them into PDFs. That is why I came up with a script that would automate the entire task for … Read more

Create Your Own YouTube Video Downloader

Project Description I was watching a certain course on YouTube and wanted to download the entire playlist so that I could watch it while I would travel via flight. However, downloading a YouTube video would mean I would have to use some third-party application to download the videos one by one. That is when I … Read more