How To Remove Items From A List While Iterating?

Summary: To remove items from a list while iterating, use any of the following methods. List comprehension, Reverse iteration with the remove() method, Lambda Function with the filter() method, or While loop with the copy(), pop() and append() functions. Let’s start with defining the exact problem you want to solve. Problem: Given a list. How … Read more

How To Merge Two Python Dictionaries In A Single Expression In Python?

Summary: To merge two dictionaries dict1 and dict2 in a single expression, use the dictionary unpacking feature z = {**dict1, **dict2}. This creates a new dictionary and unpacks all (key-value) pairs into the new dictionary. Duplicate keys are automatically resolved by this method. Exercise: Which of the duplicated entry ends up in the dictionary? Other … Read more

Python Infinity

Summary: Python Infinity is an undefined value (negative or positive) such that positive infinity is greater than while negative infinity is lesser than any other value in a given code. The numerous ways of using Python infinity are: Using float(‘Inf’) and float(‘-Inf’) Using the math module. Using the decimal module. Using the “Numpy” library. Using … Read more