Shubham Sayon

Data Preprocessing

Introduction Data preprocessing is a technique that is used to transform raw data into an understandable format. Raw data often contains numerous errors (lacking attribute values or certain attributes or only containing aggregate data) and lacks consistency (containing discrepancies in the code) and completeness. This is where data preprocessing comes into the picture and provides a proven method of …

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__str__ vs __repr__ In Python

Summary: The key goal of __str__ and __repr__ is to return a string representation of a Python object. The way they represent the string object differentiates them. str() & __str()__ return a printable/readable string representation of an object which is focused on the end-user. repr() & __repr()__ return a string representation of an object that is a valid Python object, something you can …

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PyCharm Extended

In this section of our tutorial we are going to discuss some of the tips and tricks that helps us to navigate through PyCharm. We will also discuss some of the important shortcuts in PyCharm which can save our time while working with our code. Thus, without further delay let us jump into our discussion. …

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