State Variables in Solidity

In this article, I’ll be going over the different types of state variables in Solidity and how to use them. State variables are one of the most important parts of any smart contract, as they allow us to store data that can change over time. This article is mainly focused on value types of state … Read more

Blockchain Analytics: The Basics

Image source Blockchain. This new technology is changing the way transactions are recorded and verified, and it’s leading us into a new era with enticing promises: smart contracts, shared ledgers, immutable data records, and blockchain analytics. There are so many different ways to use this innovative blockchain analytics. Who wouldn’t want to know all about … Read more

Top 10 Python Packages for Crypto

As you know, Web3 is a new online era that differs from Web2 in its foundational technology, the blockchain.  Blockchain is a disruptive technology characterized by being a decentralized solution for communication and transactions. Decentralization means that there are no controlled databases by third-party service providers. These providers can own and hold your accounts or … Read more