BrainWaves P2P Social Network – How I Created a Basic Server

Welcome back to the Brainwaves P2P project, or at least my take on it :-). The previous article was a theoretical explanation of how I envision this project. It is now time to start laying the groundwork! I learn as I go… As some of you might have guessed already, I’m a completely self-taught coder. … Read more

The P2P Bootstrapping Problem – Starting My Journey To Help Build a P2P Social Network

Decentralized P2P Social Nets When I saw the Finxter announcement about trying to create a decentralized P2P social network, I knew I had to take part. My interest peaked as it had seldom been before. I love the idea of a social network that can function without interference from companies or governments. It feels like … Read more

I Made a Password Generator in Streamlit That’s Really Secure (Maybe Too Secure!)

Project Description Both in my day job and personal life, I notice every day how important online security has become. Almost every part of our everyday lives are connected somehow to the Internet. And everyone of those connections requires (or should need) a password at the least. The problem with that is that passwords are … Read more