I Tried Berkeley’s 🦍 Gorilla Large Language Model

UC Berkeley researchers just published a new paper and website 🦍 Gorilla: Large Language Model Connected with Massive APIs that essentially translates English language to API calls. To keep it simple, here’s my layman’s explanation of what the model is providing to you: Input: An English language query.Output: An API call (=code) that’s most relevant … Read more

Bitcoin Whitepaper Made Easy

🪙 Meta: This quick article condenses the essence of the Bitcoin whitepaper without skipping technical details. It’s entirely based on my recent “Bitcoin Whitepaper Cheat Sheet” that received quite some popularity on Reddit with 20k views. You can also download the PDF here: Abstract:  A purely peer-to-peer (P2P) version of electronic cash for direct payments … Read more

I Read Google’s SoundStorm Paper

Listen to this insane conversation published on Google’s SoundStorm GitHub page: A male and female speaker lead a conversation. Only at the end it becomes apparent that they are actually neither male nor female — they are bot called SoundStorm (PDF)! SoundStorm is a machine learning model that generates audio files. It is non-autoregressive. “Non-autoregressive … Read more

Bitcoin Whitepaper Cheat Sheet (PDF Download)

I believe the whitepaper is in the top three papers to understand as a human in the 21st century. Every computer scientist should know the groundbreaking Bitcoin invention by Bitcoin’s famous creator Satoshi. To make the whitepaper more accessible for Bitcoiners, investors, and systems researchers, I created this Bitcoin whitepaper cheat sheet. My gold standard … Read more

How to Be Great? Be Good, Repeatedly

Greatness is not about overnight success but multiple periods of repeatable habits. It is not about being better than someone else but about being dependable, disciplined and earned. Many people want to be great but do not want to put in the effort over a sustained period of time to get there. Success comes from … Read more

Auto-GPT vs Jarvis HuggingGPT: One Bot to Rule Them All

The world of artificial intelligence (AI) has been witnessing remarkable advancements with cutting-edge language models like Auto-GPT and Jarvis. These sophisticated tools are transforming the AI landscape, sparking interesting discussions on their capabilities and potential applications. 🤖 Auto-GPT is an autonomous agent building on OpenAI’s large language model (LLM). Meanwhile, Jarvis, inspired by Iron Man’s … Read more

Auto-GPT vs Agent GPT: Who’s Winning in Autonomous LLM Agents?

In the realm of AI agents and artificial general intelligence, Auto-GPT and Agent GPT are making waves as innovative tools built on OpenAI’s API. These language models have become popular choices for AI enthusiasts seeking to leverage the power of artificial intelligence in various tasks. 💡 Auto-GPT is an experimental, open-source autonomous AI agent based … Read more

Auto-GPT vs Langchain – What’s The Difference?

When it comes to cutting-edge natural language processing technology, Auto-GPT and LangChain are two popular tools that help users tackle a variety of tasks. 🤖 💡 Auto-GPT, driven by the powerful GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 engine, focuses on delivering specific goal-directed solutions while maintaining easy-to-understand output. 🎯 LangChain is an orchestration toolkit that connects various Language … Read more

Freelancer Project – How Pete Learned Apache Hive On the Job

In the vast world of freelancing, sometimes the most rewarding projects are those that force us out of our comfort zones. Pete Melgren, a freelance data science professional specializing in Python, had such an experience. ▶️👇 The project seemed straightforward at first glance: develop a Python script to read Apache Hive tables, including XML fields, … Read more