Dictionaries and Unpacking Arguments in Python

Programming is about using lower-level functionality to create higher-level functionality. In general, any programming language is a collection of functions that in turn build upon functions provided by the operating system. You must master the art of building your own code with the help of existing functionality, instead of reinventing the wheel! Keyword Arguments Functions … Read more

Decision Tree Learning — A Helpful Illustrated Guide in Python

This tutorial will show you everything you need to get started training your first models using decision tree learning in Python. To help you grasp this topic thoroughly, I attacked it from different perspectives: textual, visual, and audio-visual. So, let’s get started! Why Decision Trees? Deep learning has become the megatrend within artificial intelligence and … Read more

Python enumerate() — A Simple Illustrated Guide with Video

If you’re like me, you want to come to the heart of an issue fast. Here’s the 1-paragraph summary of the enumerate() function—that’s all you need to know to get started using it: Python’s built-in enumerate(iterable) function allows you to loop over all elements in an iterable and their associated counters. Formally, it takes an … Read more

How to Get Started With Python Dash on PyCharm [Absolute Beginners]

This is a chapter draft of our book Python Dash with NoStarch: Why an IDE Using an integrated development environment (IDE) has the potential to significantly accelerate your programming productivity. Many programmers do not unlock their full potential until they finally decide to switch from a simple code editor to an IDE—and mastering the advanced … Read more