Python Join List [Ultimate Guide]

The string.join(iterable) method concatenates all the string elements in the iterable (such as a list, string, or tuple) and returns the result as a new string. The string on which you call it is the delimiter string—and it separates the individual elements. For example, ‘-‘.join([‘hello’, ‘world’]) returns the joined string ‘hello-world’. In this ultimate guide, … Read more

What Are the Best Freelancing Sites for Coders?

Freelancing is the new way to organize the world’s talents. The appearance of big freelancing platforms made it possible to exchange talent efficiently—across borders, currencies, and niches. You can watch the following video as you go through the article: Freelance Developer Course Link This article is for you if: You’re a freelance developer and you’re … Read more


To check your Python version, run python –version in your command line (Windows), shell (Mac), or terminal (Linux/Ubuntu). To check your Python version in your script, run import sys to get the module and use sys.version to find detailed version information in your code. Let’s get a quick overview of the different ways to check … Read more

Python IndexError: List Index Out of Range [Easy Fix]

Key Points: To solve the “IndexError: list index out of range”, avoid do not access a non-existing list index. For example, my_list[5] causes an error for a list with three elements. If you access list elements in a loop, keep in mind that Python uses zero-based indexing: For a list with n elements, the first … Read more

How to Install Python on Windows? [7 Easy Steps]

Python is the fastest-growing major programming language in the world. Want to participate as a Python coder and install Python on your Windows machine? Here are the seven steps to install Python on Windows: Visit website “Python Releases for Windows”: Click link “Download Windows x86-64 executable installer” under “Stable Releases” header. A popup opens. … Read more

[NumPy vs Python] What are Advantages of NumPy Arrays over Regular Python Lists?

The Python built-in list data type is powerful. However, the NumPy array has many advantages over Python lists. What are they? Advantages NumPy Advantages Python Lists Multi-dimensional Slicing Library-Independent Broadcasting Functionality Intuitive Processing Speed Less Complicated Memory Footprint Heterogeneous List Data Allowed Many Convenience Methods Arbitrary Data Shape (Non-Square Matrix) Let’s dive into the most … Read more

Top 18 Cool Python Tricks

What are the coolest Python tricks? I’ve compiled this list of the best Python tricks—in reverse order. Without further ado, let’s dive into those crazy one-liner Python features, tricks, and functions: 18. Modifying Iterable Elements 1/2 The function map(func, iter) executes the function func on all elements of the iterable iter. Related article: Which is … Read more