What’s the Secret of a Smart and Intelligent Life?

[Book Launch] Brain Games Python You need to leverage all three types of intelligence accessible to you. Learn about the three types of intelligence accessible to you in this book launch video: Get the book “Brain Games Python” now! ChrisWhile working as a researcher in distributed systems, Dr. Christian Mayer found his love for teaching … Read more

How to Use Gmail to Send an Email with Python’s Yagmail library?

Here’s how you can quickly send an email with Gmail using the Yagmail library: Install Yagmail by running the command pip install yagmail in your shell. Install Keyring by running the command pip install keyring in your shell. Execute the following code snippet (specify your own username, password, and email content): Voilà. You can consult … Read more

Simple Guide to Python close()

In Python, you must open files before you can read data from the file and write new data into the file. Python’s close() method closes an open file. You can call the close() method multiple times. However, after closing the file, you cannot access its data anymore. The close() method takes no parameter and has … Read more

How to Remove an Element From a Python List by Index?

Want to remove an element at a given position i in a list a? Simply use the del a[i] operation to remove the element at index position i. Here’s the Python code example: This is the easiest way of removing a list element at a certain position. You can even use slicing to remove a … Read more

Attention, Python Coder! What Can You Learn from the StackOverflow 2019 Developer Study?

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Why does Python Look Great on Your Resume?

Nothing to add—let’s get started! ? Python is the fastest-growing major programming language. A StackOverflow 2019 developer survey shows that Python is not only faster growing than C++, Java, JavaScript, and any other major programming language, it also comes with a happier community that loves the language most. Python is great for machine learning. Python comes with … Read more

Don't Compete on Price as a Self-Employed Freelance Developer

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