How to Convert a Text File to a CSV File in Python?

You can convert a text file to a CSV file in Python in four simple steps: (1) Install the Pandas library, (2) import the Pandas library, (3) read the CSV file as DataFrame, and (4) write the DataFrame to the file: (Optional in shell) pip install pandas import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv(‘my_file.txt’) df.to_csv(‘my_file.csv’, … Read more

How to Convert Avro to CSV in Python?

πŸ’¬ Question: How to convert an .avro file to a .csv file in Python? Solution: To convert an Avro file my_file.avro to a CSV file my_file.csv, create a CSV writer using the csv module and iterate over all rows using the iterator returned by fastavro.reader(). Then write each row to a file using the writerow() … Read more

Python RegEx – Match Whitespace But Not Newline

Problem Formulation πŸ’¬ Challenge: How to design a regular expression pattern that matches whitespace characters such as the empty space ‘ ‘ and the tabular character ‘\t’, but not the newline character ‘\n’? An example of this would be to replace all whitespaces (except newlines) between a space-delimited file with commas to obtain a CSV. … Read more

How to Convert Space-Delimited File to CSV in Python?

The easiest way to convert a space-delimited file to a comma-separated values (CSV) file is to use the following three lines of code: import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv(‘my_file.txt’, sep=’\s+’, header=None) df.to_csv(‘my_file.csv’, header=None) We’ll explain this and other approaches in more detail next—scroll down to Method 3 for this exact method. Problem Formulation Given … Read more

NumPy Tutorial – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

This tutorial gives you a simple introduction to Python’s NumPy library. You don’t need any prerequisites to follow the tutorial. My goal was to give a practical and fun NumPy introduction for absolute beginners with many examples. πŸ’‘ By reading through this tutorial, you will gain a basic understanding of the most important NumPy functionality. … Read more

Top 8 Profitable Python Packages to Learn in 2023

Are you interested in Python but you don’t know which Python library is most attractive from a career point of view? Well, you should focus on the library you’re most excited about. But if you’re generally open because you have multiple passions, it would be reasonable to also consider annual and hourly income. These are … Read more