A Simple Python Morse Code Translator

Morse code was developed in telecommunications to encode the alphabetic characters in binary signals (“long” and “short”, or “1” and “0”). Here’s the Morse code table: This tutorial shows you how to implement a simple Morse code translator in Python. You can also play the explainer video as you read through the article: The code … Read more

Python Regex Greedy vs Non-Greedy Quantifiers

Ready to earn the black belt of your regex superpower? This tutorial shows you the subtle but important difference between greedy and non-greedy regex quantifiers. You can also watch the explainer video I created for this article: If you’re a busy person, here’s the short version of this tutorial: Definition Greedy Quantifier: A greedy quantifier … Read more

Python Character Set [Regex Tutorial]

This tutorial makes you a master of character sets in Python. (I know, I know, it feels awesome to see your deepest desires finally come true.) As I wrote this article, I saw a lot of different terms describing this same powerful concept such as “character class“, “character range“, or “character group“. However, the most … Read more

Python Regex Syntax [2-Minute Primer]

A regular expression is a decades-old concept in computer science. Invented in the 1950s by famous mathematician Stephen Cole Kleene, the decades of evolution brought a huge variety of operations. Collecting all operations and writing up a comprehensive list would result in a very thick and unreadable book by itself. Related article: Python Regex Superpower … Read more

Python Regex Methods – A Short Overview

Python’s re module comes with a number of regular expression methods that help you achieve more with less. Related article: Python Regex Superpower – The Ultimate Guide Think of those methods as the framework connecting regular expressions with the Python programming language. Every programming language comes with its own way of handling regular expressions. For … Read more

Python Regex Superpower [Full Tutorial]

What’s the best-kept productivity secret of code masters? Here’s what ex-Google’s tech lead says is the most important skill as a coder (spoiler: it has to do with the topic of the tutorial): Congratulations – you’re about to become a regular expression master. I’ve not only written the most comprehensive free regular expression tutorial on … Read more

Python cProfile – 7 Strategies to Speed Up Your App

Your Python app is slow? It’s time for a speed booster! Learn how in this tutorial. As you read through the article, feel free to watch the explainer video: Performance Tuning Concepts 101 I could have started this tutorial with a list of tools you can use to speed up your app. But I feel … Read more

Python cProfile – A Helpful Guide with Prime Example

Python comes with different profilers. If you’re new to performance optimization, you may ask: what’s a profiler anyway? A performance profiler allows you to monitor your application more closely. If you just run a Python script in your shell, you see nothing but the output produced by your program. But you don’t see how much … Read more

Python Programming Tutorial [+Cheat Sheets]

(Reading time: 19 minutes) The purpose of this article is to help you refresh your knowledge of all the basic Python keywords, data structures, and fundamentals. I wrote it for the intermediate Python programmer who wants to reach the next level of programming expertise. The way of achieving an expert-level is through studying the basics. … Read more

Python Regex And Operator [Tutorial + Video]

This tutorial is all about the AND operator of Python’s re library. You may ask: what? (And rightly so.) Sure, there’s the OR operator (example: ‘iPhone|iPad’). But what’s the meaning of matching one regular expression AND another? There are different interpretations for the AND operator in a regular expression (regex): Ordered: Match one regex pattern after … Read more