PostgreSQL Developer – Income and Opportunity

Annual Income According to ZipRecruiter, the annual income of PostgreSQL developers is between $104,000 for the bottom 25th percentile, $133,000 for the 75th Percentile, and $171,500 for the top earners. The monthly pay ranges from $8,666 to $14,291 with an average monthly income of $10,052. Annual Salary Monthly Pay Top Earners $171,500 $14,291 75th Percentile … Read more

List Head and Tail in One Line Python

❗ Problem Formulation: How to assign the first list element to the variable head and the remaining elements to the variable tail? Let’s have a look at the two most Pythonic solutions to this one-liner programming challenge! 🙂 Method 1: Unpacking and Multiple Assignment Given a list. The most Pythonic way to unpack the first … Read more

Python Dict Length of Values

This article addresses two problems: Given is a dictionary and a single key. How to get the length of the value associated with the key in the dictionary? Given is a dictionary. How to get the total length, summing over the length of all values in the dictionary? Let’s dive into these two problems and … Read more

How To Apply A Function To Each Element Of A Dictionary?

This article shows you how to apply a given function to each element of a Python dictionary. The most Pythonic way to apply a function to each element of a Python dict is combining the dictionary comprehension feature and the dict.items() method like so: {k:f(v) for k,v in dict.items()} Note: All the solutions provided below … Read more