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"The average annual pay for a Freelance Python Developer Job in the US is $108,082 a year." (ZipRecruiter 2020)

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Does it ever feel like your life could be much better, with more freedom, and a purpose?

Here are the results of a recent McKinsey study "Independent Work: Choice, Necessity, and the Gig Economy" on the lifestyle results of being your own boss:

  • Independent Workers love the topics in their work more than employees.
  • Independent Workers are more satisfied with their work life overall than employees.
  • Independent Workers are more satisfied with the number of hours they work than employees.
  • Independent Workers feel more, well, independent and self-reliant than employees.
  • Independent Workers significantly enjoy their work atmosphere more than employees.
  • Independent Workers feel more empowered than employees.
  • Independent Workers are much more satisfied with the creativity they can express—compared to employees.
  • Independent Workers love to be able to choose the hours they work.
  • Independent Workers are more satisfied with their opportunities to learn and grow compared to employees (this is interesting considering that one of the main arguments of many employees is that they get to do some free educational program paid by their employer).
  • Independent Workers are more flexible than employees.
  • Independent Workers are more satisfied with the recognition they receive.
  • Independent Workers are more satisfied with their income.

Is The Freelancer Lifestyle For You?

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Meet Your Trainer

Dr. Christian Mayer, Founder Finxter.com and Computer Science Researcher

In 2019, Christian completed a doctoral research program in Computer Science (Germany). As a researcher, he taught many students computer science, graph theory, and distributed systems. 

To create his dream work environment -- with plenty of time for his young kids and friends -- he started working full-time as a Python teacher. He is now the author of four Python textbooks, founder of Finxter.com, and earns between $100 and $200 per hour.

His passions are writing, reading, coding, and boosting the skills of aspiring coders through Finxter.com.

Trainer Credentials

  • Former researcher, university teacher, & PhD in computer science. Taught thousands of students personally.
  • Finxter blog owner. The Finxter blog is one of the top 10 Python blogs worldwide. Taught hundreds of thousands of students digitally.
  • Author of 10 Python books (e.g., Python One-Liners, Coffee Break Python). Taught tens of thousands of students in writing.
  • Freelance developer in Python space earning $100+ per hour. Experienced the transformation from a nice, cushy job to becoming self-employed the hard way.

As a fellow educator and fellow (former) Ph.D. student, I just wanted to let you know that I'm really impressed with your teaching materials. You're doing a really good job!

Daniele Puccinelli, Ph.D.

// Finxter Course Student

I am honored to be learning from one of the most brilliant masters of Python.


// Finxter Course Student

I have enjoyed the course tremendously so far. I am looking forward to the journey. Thank you for bringing inspiration and knowledge to the community.


// Finxter Course Student

The world's most popular freelance developer course takes you from beginner to freelancer level in Python...

... so that you can earn between $21 and $95 per hour on Upwork working relaxed from the comfort of your own home. Guaranteed!

Figure: The average professional freelancer out-earns the uneducated beginner by 600%.

Table of Contents Python Freelancer Course

Packed with 40h+ of in-depth business and coding video lessons to push you from beginner to freelance level in 2 months

1. Get Started with This Course

Towards Creating Your Own Small Coding Business
Nurture Your Ambition to Learn
Action Steps
Your Training Plan (100-Days Training Challenge)
FREE Finxter Python Books For You
Tools & Templates for Reference

2. Get an Overview of Python Freelancing

How Can You Earn Money as a Python Freelancer? A Detailed Overview (31:51)
Which Freelancer Platform is Best for You as a Coder? (21:34)
How to Thrive on Upwork (84:28)
Track Your Hourly Rate
Freelancer Interview 1: Web Development Freelancer Lukas Meier (31:59)
Freelancer Interview 2: Data Science and Machine Learning with Jaskaran (9:19)
Freelancer Interview 3: Start Out Freelancing With Horacio (11:48)
Freelancer Interview 4: Web Scraping with Abdul Qayyum (14:12)
Freelancer Interview 5: Data Science with Pete Melgren (15:25)
An Alternative Way of Working as a Python Freelancer (6:49)
Video Testimonial (44:23)

3. Improve Your Coding Skills: A 5-Step Python Crash Course ($0 - $1,000/M)

Discover 19 Keywords For Python Beginners
Master the 4 Most Basic Data Types
Master These 4 Complex Data Types
Dip Into Python Classes [Object-Orientation 101]
Learn 18 Surprising Tricks and Functions in Python

4. Gain Experience and Start Earning Money as a Python Freelancer ($1,000 - $2,000/M)

Action Step: Find Practical Freelancer Projects to Study!
How Real Freelancers Earn Money in 2019: 10 Practical Python Projects
Action Step: Choose Type of Projects You Want to START With
Action Step: Create an Account on a Freelancer Platform
Case Study: Create Your Freelancer.com Account
Case Study: How to Get Accepted By Upwork as a Freelance Programmer?
Action Step: Get Your First Freelancing Project
How Taking Massive Action Helps You Find Freelancing Clients?
Practical Project: Lukas Explains How He Solved a Small Gig on Fiverr
Action Step: Finish Your First Project
26 Freelance Developer Tips

5. How to Thrive on Fiverr ($2,000 - $4,000/M)

Fiverr Intro
Fiverr Signup
Fiverr Gigs
Gig Introduction
Gig Requirements
Gig Setup
Gig Converter
Gig Calculator
Gig Graphical User Interface 1/2
Gig Graphical User Interface 2/2
Gig Tests
Gig Outro
Fiverr Survey
Fiverr Outro

6. Create More Value for Your Clients ($4,000 - $5,000/M)

Real Project: Rock, Paper, Scissors Draft
Upwork Project Example: Pandas Manipulation with Adam
Upwork Project Example: How to Extract Data for Apache Hive with Peter
Upwork Project Example: How to Develop a Dropbox Clone with Hamid
Upwork Project Example: How to Build a TensorFlow Workflow for Dangerous Object Detection with Jaskaran
The Million $$$ Checklist To Write Proposals and 10X Your Sales

7. How to Thrive on Upwork ($5,000 - $7,000/M)

Stepping Stone Projects - Educational Content
My First Ever Paid Coding Project
Second Ever Coding Project - Python Sound Analysis Tool
Python Data Science Coach Part 1 - Overview and Pandas
Python Data Science Coach Part 2 Matplotlib

8. Boost Your Code Understanding: 50 Practical Python Puzzles ($7,000 - $8,000/M)

0. Intro Code Puzzles
1. Hello World
2. Variables and Basic Arithmetic (Float Division)
3. Basic Arithmetic Operations
4. Comments and Strings
5. Indexing and String Concatenation
6. Indexing List Elements
7. Slicing in Strings
8. Integer Division
9. String Manipulation Operators
10. Implicit String Concatenation
11. Sum and Range Functions
12. The Append Function for Lists
13. Overshooting in Sequence Slicing
14. The Modulo Operator
15. Branching and Program Flow
16. Negative Indices for Sequences
17. The For Loop
18. Functions and Naming
19. Concatenating Slices
20. Arbitrary Function Arguments
21. Indirect Recursion
22. String Slicing
23. Slice Assignments
24. Default Arguments
25. Slicing and the len Function
26. Nested Lists
27. Clearing Sublists
28. The Fibonacci Series
29. Continue and Modulo
30. Indexing and the Range Function
31. The Matrix Search Algorithm Draft
32. The Max Profit Algorithm
33. The Bubble Sort Algorithm
34. Joining Strings
35. Advanced Arithmetic Calculations
36. The Binary Search Algorithm
37. Modifying Lists in Loops
38. The Lambda Function
39. The Multi-line String and New-line Characters
40. Escaping Special Characters
41. The Fibonacci Algorithm Revisited
42. The Quicksort Algorithm
43. Unpacking Keyword Arguments (kwargs)
44. Infinity
45. Graph Traversal
46. Lexicographical Sorting
47. Chaining of Set Operations
48. Basic Set Operations
49. Unicode Encryption
50. The Guess and Check Algorithm

9. Beyond: Get the Next-Level DNA for Your Coding Business ($8,000 - $10,000/M)

Your Roadmap Towards Financial Freedom
Towards Your High-Income Skill Python (Six Figures)
Towards Your Scalable Business System (Six Figures)
Towards Your Passive Investment System

10. Where to Go From Here

Final Remarks
Python Email Course
Course Feedback

11. Q&A from Finxter Premium Members

How to Become Enthusiastic in Programming?
How Can I Build a Career in the Field of AI?
(Finally) Understanding Git
Case Study: How to Create Your Own Freelancing Webpage Controlled By You
How to Accelerate Your Python Learning?
Fiverr vs Upwork

12. Find More Premium Courses on the Finxter Academy

That's not all (by a long shot)! Master computer science with 10+ Python courses (and growing) on the Finxter Computer Science Academy. This is 100% free for you as a FINXTER Premium Member!!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

There is no risk for you. If the course is not for you, simply use the no-questions-asked, 60-days (!) money back guarantee.

About the Course

But is this Python Freelancer Course effective? Let's see what other course members say about the results they achieved with it!


I like your videos because they are very folksy and down-to-earth.

For me, the slick, and glossy tutorials that famous universities put out, are too clinical and boring. [...]

I have observed that for you, simplicity comes naturally. Your course has got rid of the fluff and gone right to the meat. Thanks for all your encouragement and feedback.

Girish Rao FINXTER Freelancer Course Student

The Media About the Freelancing Boom

Is This Really The #1 Python Freelancer Course in the World?

Answer: YES!

It's the #1 Python freelancer course in the world.

Need some proof? This Finxter Python Freelancer Course appears #1 in the organic search results on Google - for a highly competitive search query!

Success Stories of Other Course Members

This course makes you a highly-paid Python freelancer - guaranteed.

I know it's hard to take the leap of faith and buy an online course you know very little about.

You cannot really trust me when I tell you that this course works. After all, every course creator would tell you so.

Instead of telling you how effective the course is, let me simply show you what 15 of our freelancer course students think about the course. 

Please notice how diverse all FINXTER freelancer course students are. Freelancing is not reserved for a certain type of person -- freelancing is for everyone who wants to take control of their own success in life!

Adam - Earned $50 Per Hour Within 2 Months

Ann - Created Python Dashboard App in 2 Months

Kyrylo - Works From Home as Data Engineer

Mark - Replacing His $100/h Job From Home

Marc - Creates Coding Side Business

Girish - More Family Time

Paddy - From 0 to Hero as a Python Freelancer

Richard - Becoming a Data Science Freelancer with Finxter

Richard - How to Go Full-Time Towards Six Figures (From Absolute Beginner)

Shubham - How to Turn Around Your Life

Adam 2.0 - How Adam Earns $100 per Hour as a Python Freelancer on Upwork [Month 4]

During the last three years, we've crafted and perfected the course based on the feedback of our students.

In contrast to most other courses, our students stay in intimate contact with us and get help by experts who've already been there and done that.

Over time, the course helped hundreds of course members become paid Python freelancers in just a few months.

Already convinced to try out the course? Then kick off your new coding business online now!

Trust Python

[Video Walkthrough]

Watch Me Going Through the Course Material

Why Do You Work?

If you haven't found your dream job yet, you don't work for personal fulfillment, fun, interesting people, or learning new things.

Imagine you inherited $1,000,000. Now would you still work your ass off to make the company's stakeholders richer? Of course not!

Don't get me wrong. You'd still seek fulfillment, fun, people, and learning new things. But you wouldn't start looking for those things while working for your boss.

So the reason you're still working for your company is that you have too little money.

Fact: 65% of all Americans save little or nothing. Yes, many of them have a net worth of $0. Plus, the average debt of college students is $27,225!

Let me ask you a question: is debt really the problem here?

The businessman Dan Lok ("world's highest-paid consultant") believes:

"You don't have a debt problem, you have an income problem. You don't have an income problem, you have a SKILL problem!"

Because if you are skilled, you can always sell your services at a higher rate.

Figure: Climb up the income distribution with your tailored training plan.

Let's suppose there are two employees: Bob and Alice.

  • Bob has $10,000 in assets and a yearly income of $31,000. Bob is debt free. So, many people would say that Bob's financial situation is great (but in fact he's broke).
  • Alice, on the other hand, has an "inconvenient" $100,000 in debt. BUT, Alice can sell her skills at a rate of $131,000 per year.

... Fast-forward two years ... What happened?

Alice easily out-saved Bob by tens of thousands of dollars - even though she started with a lot of debt. In her first year, she paid off all her debt and lived off the same $31,000 that Bob earned. In her second year, she saved $100,000 and completely overtook Bob!

You can also see this scenario in the following figure. The higher your skills, the more you can expect to earn.

Figure: The more you learn, the more you earn.

Do you actually know how much money you currently earn?

An average employee works 1811 hours per year. As an employee, it's very hard to earn more than $90,000. In fact, the median wage of all workers in the US is $48,000.

If you're a student, you earn -$4 per hour and school teachers earn $37 per hour. If you push yourself hard, you might become a university professor with a yearly salary of $98,423. This is $54 per hour (if you don't work overtime ?).

How Can You Increase Your Value to the Marketplace?

This Python freelancer course has two goals:

  • Teach you a high-income skill: Python development.
  • Show you how to become self-employed (at least, part-time).

Figure: An average Python freelancer earns as much as a university professor without enduring 10-15 years of education and 70-hour work weeks.

In the figure, you can see the hourly wage of different employees. You can also see the income distribution of Python freelancers. The median wage of a Python freelancer is $51 (the average is $61).

Let me repeat this: the median wage of a Python freelancer is $51.

This means that an average, self-employed Python freelancer easily reaches the income level of a university professor.

Think about this: can you become a university professor? Maybe or maybe not. But you can certainly become average-skilled Python freelancer!

The 10% of the Python freelancers with the lowest wage earn $10-$30/hour. So, you can start earning at least $10/hour NOW, regardless of your current skill level. Then, using the strategies in this course, you can constantly increase your hourly rate.

No matter your skill level, you are valuable to many clients.

Your High-Income Skill: Python

How would your life look like as a freelance developer? Can you imagine working from home and earning a full-time income with just 4 hours per day? Can you imagine actually having time for your family and friends?

This is already a reality for hundreds of thousands of coders worldwide.

Coding is one of the best-paid professions in the world - the average salary of a Python developer is $116,379.

The largest companies on earth – Amazon, Google, and Apple – are dominated by code.

Becoming a Python coder could easily be the most profitable decision of your life.

What's the Value of a Python Education?

Let's look at some stats:

  • $116,379.00 (average salary of a Python developer)
  • $1,163.79 (YEARLY value of acquiring only 1% of this skill set)

If this course boosts your Python skills just by 1%, you will get a 235% ROI per YEAR on the three hundred bucks you pay for the course! 

Here's the calculation if you're interested:

Cost = $347
Net gain = 1163 - 347 = 816
Percentage gain = (816 / 347) * 100 = 235%

Compare the 235% ROI per year increasing your Python skills with this course against the stock market returns where you have to pray for a meager 5% ROI.

And don't worry, there's a powerful guarantee on your side -- you literally cannot lose money.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

There is no risk for you. If the course is not for you, simply use the no-questions-asked, 60-days (!) money back guarantee.

Why Should You Join This Python Freelancer Course?

The goal of this course is to deliver real-life results for you. It dives deeply into the technical details of writing Pythonic code. But it also gives you clarity and a step-by-step roadmap of how to sell your skills online. The ultimate goal for you is to earn $51 per hour from the comfort of your home - just like any other average Python freelancer.

  • Work in your dream job! As a premium member, you get exclusive access to unlimited certificates on the Python learning app finxter.com to prove your Python skills to your employer. By purchasing the course, you get LIFETIME access to these exclusive certificates!
  • Gain deep code understanding! Strengthen your code understanding skills with 100+ brand-new code puzzles. These code puzzles are hand-crafted exclusively for this course.
  • Have more time for your hobbies! Download 5 simplified cheat sheets and strengthen your Python basics: keywords, data structures, object orientation, tips, and tricks.
  • Get your free book! As a Finxter member, you get two free ebook versions of “Coffee Break Python” (original price $19) and "Coffee Break Python Slicing" (original price $10).
  • [BONUS] Gain clarity and focus! Get your individual Python training plan - reach your goals & become your own boss - guaranteed.
  • [FREE Bonus] Get the Gigs! Promote your skills on our freelancing job board - exclusively for a limited time (YEARLY value: $1200)
  • [BONUS] FREE Lifetime Finxter Premium Membership! Save your bonus courses, and much more.

Why Buying This Course?

Work in Your Dream Job!

Get exclusive access to unlimited certificates on Finxter.com to prove your Python skills to your employer. By purchasing the course, you get LIFETIME access to these exclusive certificates!

Become LIFETIME Premium Member

Save your lifetime Finxter premium membership with free access to Python bonus courses, unlimited Python certificates, puzzles, ad-free Finxter.com app usage, and much more. This feature alone is worth the course's price.

100+ Bonus Puzzles

Strengthen your code understanding skills with 100+ brand-new code puzzles. These code puzzles are hand-crafted exclusively for this course.

Enjoy Free ADDITIONAL Courses!

Get FREE access to hundreds of Dollars worth of free Python courses. YOU decide which new course topics are added via an email voting procedure. Just follow my free "Coffee Break Python" email series.

Be on a Clear Path to Mastery!

Get a secret link to my MASSIVE collection of 80+ Python tutorials sent via email in 2018 and 2019!

Gain Deep Code Understanding!

Strengthen your code understanding skills with unlimited 300+ code puzzles.

Increase Your Status!

Double your voting power for upcoming Python courses.

Start Cheating in Python!

Download 6 PDF cheat sheets

and pin them to your toilet wall.

Download Templates

Save time and accelerate your client acquisition with our premium Python Freelance Developer Resume Template (Google Docs)

Save Your Progress!

Premium members can see their learning progress on the Finxter app (Elo plot)!

Enjoy Laser-Focused Puzzle Solving!

Use our Python learning app Finxter.com 100% ad-free!

Join the Python Mastermind Discord Group!

Get help and support from our exclusive group members. We push us to higher levels of code understanding. Python experts are actively involved in the group.

Get Your Free Books!

As a Finxter member, you get two free ebook versions of “Coffee Break Python” (original price $29) and "Coffee Break Python Slicing" (original price $10).

[BONUS] Gain Clarity and Focus!

 Get your individual Python training plan - reach your goals & become your own boss - guaranteed.

[FREE Bonus] Get the Gigs!

Promote your skills on our freelancing job board - exclusively for a limited time (YEARLY value: $1200).

[BONUS] Guaranteed Freelancing Job!

Bootstrap your freelancing career with your first guaranteed freelancing job ($25) working for me. This helps you get great ratings, experience, and clients on freelancing platforms.

Some More User Testimonials

Myu - Never Learned So Deeply

Ilkhom - Start Earning Money on Upwork

Daniele, Ph.D. - Impressed With Teaching Material

Rochan - Way Better Than My Professor

You Are on the Track to Python Mastery...

Can you imagine being your own boss? Working from home? Actually seeing your kids grow up?

All of this and more is possible with this training course.

You are guaranteed to reach Python freelance level in 2 months. I’m so confident about this that, if you don’t, I’ll give you your money back!


Just about to start your freelancing career on Upwork or Fiverr? You need high ratings to get high paying jobs!

Register now and I will be your first client. I'll give you a small $25 Python gig! If you do good work, I'll give you your first positive rating on Upwork. This helps you establish trust with your future clients.

Again, here is what you get:

Lifetime access to freelancer course material (value $599)

-- 100+ brand-new, exclusive Python puzzles

-- 20+ in-depth Python videos

-- 10+ in-depth Business strategy videos

-- 5+ beautiful Programming Cheat sheets and many other learning gadgets

Join Python Mastermind Group on Discord (value $67)

Download your free ebooks "Coffee Break Python" and "Coffee Break Python Slicing" (value $47)

Bonus 1: your personal Python training plan (value $30)

Bonus 2: your first guaranteed freelancing job (value $25)

Bonus 3: free advertising of your freelancing services at our website (yearly value $1,200)

Bonus 4: free access to upcoming Python courses with voted topics (lifetime value $289)

Bonus 5: Lifetime premium member Finxter.com (value $287)

-- Unlimited download of Python certificates

-- Unlimited Python puzzles on web app

-- Unlimited LIFETIME access to BONUS courses on the Finxter Computer Science Academy:

----- Course 1: Object-Oriented Python

----- Course 2: Python Hangman for Absolute Beginners

----- Course 3: 8 Pillar Machine Learning Algorithms

----- Course 4: The Ultimate Guide to Sets in Python 

----- Course 5: The Ultimate Guide to Dictionaries in Python

----- Course 6: 10 Python One-Liners That Fit Into a Tweet

----- Course 7: NumPy 101 - From Zero to Hero in Python's Data Science Library 

----- Course 8: The Coder's Toolchain: How Everything Works Together in Python 

----- ... And Many More Courses ...

Figure: The skills you learn in this program ensure that you can easily earn your investment back in less than one week. Everything you earn from this point onward will be your pure profit -- year after year after year.

Total Course Value:  $2,527
Original Price:   $700
Now:  $3.30/day

The course is designed to pay for itself!
Work one day (8 hours) as a Python freelancer (average hourly rate of $61) and you have earned the course fee and more. Plus you'll make a nice profit from this point onward.

The previous graphic shows that even if you earn only $20 per hour (which the course guarantees!), you'll quickly get your investment back compared to a freelancer who just starts out without applying the useful tips from the course, and make a huge profit from this point onward.

[BONUS] But There's More Exclusive Content For You...

If you buy this freelancer course now, you'll claim your FREE access to ALL the coding courses on the Finxter Computer Science Academy!

Bonus Courses Inside:

The Finxter Computer Science Academy

Object-Oriented Python

Hangman Game in Python

Machine Learning in Python. For example:

Introduction to NumPy

You will never get a better deal -- it's likely that I'll increase the price of this course or get rid of the LIFETIME premium membership. Premium members normally pay a regular monthly fee. This is the only hack to become a Finxter premium member for life.

Let me help you start earning money as a Python freelancer!

This growing community of Python freelancers is waiting for you. Regain control of your life today, work from the comfort of your own home, and join this community of independent coders!

Most Coding Business Students Choose This

Freelancer Course

Earn $100/day in three months (doing what you ❤)!
Course fee (one-time): 
Less than you pay for your groceries in a month! 

4 modules with over 63 lessons (video and text) covering 60 days of Python learning and special freelancing tutorials.

Your personal training plan as a Google spreadsheet with exact time allocation to track your progress.

A private Discord channel with the author and fellow course participants.

The "Coffee Break Python" ebook package for reading and solving puzzles on the go.

Guaranteed freelancing job and advertising of your freelancing services at our website.

Bonus computer science video courses, totaling more than 40 hours of video content not covered by the lessons.

Only For Highly Ambitious Students

Course + Coaching

Get expert help with your projects!
Coaching fee: 
Pay-as-you-go. You'll save hundreds of hours of working on the wrong things!

4 modules with over 63 lessons (video and text) covering 60 days of Python learning and special freelancing tutorials.

Your personal training plan as a Google spreadsheet with exact time allocation to track your progress.

A private Discord channel with the author and fellow course participants.

The "Coffee Break Python" ebook package for reading and solving puzzles on the go.

Guaranteed freelancing job and advertising of your freelancing services at our website.

Bonus computer science video courses, totaling more than 4 hours of video content not covered by the lessons.

Weekly Skype, chat, or Email Session (ca. 1h). We meet or write once per week. I am your advisor, you are my student. I help you make progress towards specific coding projects. This can save you weeks, even months, of your time and prevents you focusing on the wrong things.

Coaching and Individual Support Towards Your Goal. I am your accountability partner. I will help you with your Python project and answer your questions via email to make sure you succeed.

Guarantee: Increase Your Python Earning Potential to $20/h

There is no risk. If the course is not for you, simply use the no-questions-asked, 60-days (!) money back guarantee.

[New Feature] Your Upwork Invitation Included

I'm happy to announce a new feature that helps you get results faster. ?

Many of my students get their first application on Upwork rejected. This is a good thing because it increases the "barrier of entry" for other freelancers and makes your life easier on Upwork.

But revising your profile again and again without having a lot of experience to show off is a pain in the ass.

If this is you, you're in luck: as I'm a regular client on Upwork hiring freelancers for Finxter, I will invite you to the platform.

YOUR BENEFIT: This way, Upwork will undoubtedly accept your first registration!

This can be a massive relief because it releases you from the burden of "not getting the foot in the door"!

If you want to take me on this new offer, join the course and use the commenting system to write me a short message:

  • Include your first name, last name, and email address so that I can invite you.
  • I'll invite you for a $25 project that you can finish quickly. Please send me the type of project your most interested in: (A) write a short blog article of 1500 words, (B) send me a short selfie video, or (C) send me 25 concrete and actionable suggestions of how I can improve this course.
  • After you've successfully completed your first gig for Finxter, I'll give you a 5-star rating.

Other clients will then see that you're a great and reliable freelancer who can finish work successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

How does lifetime access sound? In addition to that, you'll become a LIFETIME FINXTER PREMIUM MEMBER! With this, you can download unlimited certificates on the Finxter app.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 60 days, and we will give you a full refund.

How do I get my Finxter.com Python certificate?

By subscribing to this course, you automatically become a premium member on the Finxter app. Being a Finxter premium member, you can download your certificate at https://app.finxter.com/certificate/. Use the Python certificate to apply for your dream job!

When should I start selling my Python skills? And why should anyone buy them? There will always be much better coders out there.

The 10% of the Python freelancers with the lowest wage still earn between $10-$30 per hour in the US. The national average income of Python freelancers is $51 per hour. So the statistically sound way of becoming a well-paid freelancer is to start earning money NOW - regardless of your current skill level. Then, you steadily increase your hourly rate using the strategies proposed in this course. No matter your skill level, you will still be valuable to many clients.

I am shy, and I don't like to communicate with clients. Is freelancing still for me?

As a young adult just leaving the university, I was timid myself. I was terrified of charging even the minimum wage for my work. I had to force myself to take new opportunities. But each time I overcame my shyness, a small piece of it died forever. If you take the step-by-step approach outlined in the course, you will one day love to communicate with clients and be proud of what you have accomplished.

I don't like talking on the phone or via Skype. Is this required as a Python freelancer?

No. Most jobs require only email or message communication. But don't worry, you will learn all the communication skills on the way if you follow the formula presented in this course.

What if I don't have time to work even more as a freelancer?

What is work for you? Is it a duty that competes with your free time? It doesn't have to be this way. Elon Musk "works" 80 hours per week - but it doesn't feel like "work" to him. It is what he loves to do. He doesn't NEED to work 80 hours; he CHOOSES to do so. This is what will happen to you if you create your own little freelancing business. The constant positive reinforcements from your clients and your additional stream of income will keep you pushing forward - even if you THINK you don't have time to "work" even more. This course comes with an individual training plan that allows you to set your own pace.

I am too lazy to learn Python. Will this course help me to stop procrastinating?

This course comes with a free bonus training plan that gives you a detailed daily checklist of tasks you need to do to push yourself forward. It's a proven training plan tested by many students before you. They have successfully started their Python freelancing adventure, and as a course member, you will become successful, too.

Isn't Python freelancing a lonely job?

No. You will have more time for your family and friends. If your course goal is to become a part-time freelancer, you will get to know more interesting people and the ones you've already met. As a premium member, you will get access to the Python Mastermind Discord group, where you can connect with other ambitious Python students who've taken the course. Networking is king.

I am happy with my day job, so why should I join this program?

Great that you are happy with your day job! So was I. But I still decided to start selling my Python skills online (on the side) to enrich my income. It made my income more robust and diversified and has allowed me to take better care of my wife and two kids. This program improves your value to the marketplace, which is useful even if you stay an employee.

Is it complicated to file taxes as a Python freelancer?

It depends where you live, but it's pretty easy in most countries. Especially if you start as a Python freelancer on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr: the recommended starting point for most students of this course.

Do I have to tell my boss when I become a Python freelancer?

I know this is a big issue for many students. They don't want to tell their bosses that they earn an additional stream of income. If this is an issue for you, take the course anyway, and confront your fears IMMEDIATELY (before it is too late). It's your life, and you need to take control - or nothing good will happen to you.

My colleagues think I'm crazy dreaming of being my own boss. Are they right?

I think you would be crazy if you didn't dream about becoming your own boss. It's so rewarding to be in control of your choices, your freedom, and your life. Only if you truly identify with what you are creating every day, will you start loving your work again. That's what this course is all about.

Is the course supposed to take me from beginner to an intermediate freelancer level? If so, how? I guess there are videos, a lot of tutorials and exercises. Am I right?

Yes. We have plenty of Python videos and business videos in the course. You can also study real projects from real Upwork freelancers (who I hired to explain their projects). Furthermore, you'll have access to all courses at the Finxter Computer Science Academy as a lifetime premium member (free bonus of the course). So, you'll have Python course videos, mini-courses, puzzles, exercises, and other premium tutorials.

Considering my beginner level right now, I find it difficult to believe people will pay me 20$ / hour.

Your first gig for Finxter will already earn you $20 per hour or more. One of my course students now earns $50 per hour after 4-6 months. An average Python freelancer makes more than $51 per hour. You need to perform all action steps in the course, however. It's as much about business and persistence as it is about Python.

Will I be able to compete against coders from China, Korea, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, who know a lot but charge very little?

It's true that there are inexpensive coders in Pakistan, but many clients shy away from hiring those because the quality is not generally good (oftentimes, it's not). As I said, the average Python freelancer in the US earns $51 per hour. Coding is a high-value task, and there's more demand for quality coders than there's supply. A great strategy is to always overdeliver to your clients, be friendly and communicate quickly, and adhere to the deadlines. This will build your reputation on freelancing platforms. Your goal is to increase the demand for your services -- this will lead to increased hourly rates over time.

Will I get email support If I get stuck during the course?

I try to help my premium members and course members - I'm committed to perfecting this course and bring real results to my students! The flat course fee doesn't involve one-on-one coaching and in-depth project tips, however.

How does the guarantee work? If I am not able to get 20$ /hour gigs besides yours, will I be able to ask for a refund?

You have a 60-day refund period. If you completed all the action steps in the course and you don't find clients for $20 per hour, you can get another 30-days refund. But I only seldomly get refund requests.

You say that the course's focus is not only on Python but also on business, freelancing tips, and other practical things that belong to a well-rounded skill set of a software developer in the wild. Can you please explain a bit more of what do you mean here? Is the course not only about Python?

Yeah, the course is about Python as much as it is about business. It's about creating your own thriving coding business (using Python). I'll guide you through all the content in the course - just scroll up until you reach the part "Video Walkthrough".

I would like to know if this course is a 'guided course'. I mean, I would like to know if this course is a structured course with lessons and a clear path to follow like a regular structured online course.

Yeah, the course is a guided course to some extent (it has action steps and everything and some order). But it also requires you to take action on a freelancing platform and implement the action steps regularly until success comes your way. ;)

I would like to make a living by becoming a Python freelancer and working from any part of the world. I would love to work from home. I would like not to work too much (more than 6 hours per day). I want to earn money, to be honest. I am 25, still living with my parents, and I think it is time to move out. I am not an ambitious person. I would be happy with earning as little as $1500 per month - although making way more would be fantastic and a huge bonus. What do you say?

Great to hear that you're still very young - if you can spend six hours per day working on your Python freelancing business, the sky's the limit. I'd guess that within less than a year, you can achieve 1500€ per month. If you do it 2-4 years (six hours per day), you've got a great shot at six figures (because the average income of a Python coder is $110,021).

The course website writes: "Earn $100/day in three months (doing what you love)." Is this claim realizable? I would love to earn $100 per day in just three months.

The claim is realizable - many students did it. But you need to push every day and follow the outlined steps. If you don't do this, you won't reach it. Your success is a function of your willingness to persist in its attainment.

I watched the video in which Adam says he earns $5000 in the fourth month after the beginning of the course. This is amazing! I'd guess this is not normal at all but an extraordinary result, but I would like to know If I am right. Is it possible to earn $5000 in just four months?

Yeah, it's not only possible but average to earn that kind of money as a Python freelancer. There have been ups and downs for Adam (but now he's still working as a freelancer) -- Adam is an exceptional freelancer, willing to work hard, gives more value than he takes in payment. Clients love him.

In the last email, I said I was not ambitious and that I would be happy with 1500€ per month. On second thought, I would like to think and dream big and 2000€ per month would be the minimum I want to earn. Do you think I would be able to achieve this level of income within less than a year?

Yeah, you can achieve this for sure. I have tripled my income in a year being self-employed. But again: you should not focus on the money. Focus on the value! Money is nothing but a value voucher that you get from people who want your value more than they want their value vouchers. If you focus too much on money, you miss the point: offer more value.

Considering that we live in - the wonderful and amazing - Europe, that we use € and not dollars and that Upwork is going to get their cut of 25% for each job, the guaranteed 20$/hour gig is only 14,80€ before taxes. Is there a possibility to earn 20€ at the very beginning?

I believe that you need to be willing to work for free in the beginning. Of course, you will still earn money. But you should spend a lot of time and effort building your client base. That's far more important than a few dollars here and there. With a stable client base of clients who know, like, and trust you, you can charge premium prices later. Think of it as an investment in your future business success.

It's applicable, but as in every business, you cannot start by demanding lots of money for low value. If you can give lots of value, you can trade time against money and earn enough money in little time. But that's only possible if you've reached this point and your skills have improved.

The course is no silver bullet (that doesn't exist). Success requires your focused and persistent effort in creating more value than you take in payment. Over time, you'll reach income levels you have never dreamed of. But only if you keep pushing through the resistances.

Is the course self-paced?

Yes, it's an online video course. You choose your own pace. By buying the course, you've not only lifetime access to all course lessons, but you're also a lifetime Finxter Premium Member with free access to many follow-up resources and Python courses at the Finxter Computer Science Academy.

I'm a 40-year old newcomer. I don't have any experience in programming? How high are my chances of success?

I understand your fears and doubts - most coders I know have inferiority complexes. They think they're not good enough to sell their services for a lot of money. I solve the problem by merely trying to give as much value as I can. This builds confidence, and it's a simple formula for success. You've full control over it, and you don't need to think in a restrictive mindset of limiting resources and competition. Just give more value than you take in payment, and you'll be successful. You can already provide a lot of value -- even as a complete beginner. Each course member will get their first freelancing gig for Finxter, and you will realize that you already have a lot of value to give by completing this easy gig.

I love to learn, and I really want to take the course and learn new things. Can I learn new things with this course?

Haha, yes - you'll learn a lot of new things that are very valuable for you, no matter your current skill level. Many former course students now work as successful freelancers on Upwork, Fiverr, and co. They earn their living by coding from home. You can do this yourself -- if you're focused, dedicated, and follow the course's action steps. You're the captain of your own ship, and if you'll steer it towards your own thriving coding business, you'll arrive there sooner.

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