Best LLC Services for Your Freelance Business

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If you don’t protect your castle, they’ll come after you.

From teaching thousands of freelancer students, we know that many freelance developers fear that unhappy clients come after their personal assets. Everyone makes mistake and these mistakes can become quite costly when submitting freelance work to a client.

You may wonder: Can you protect against unlimited liability risks?

Glad you asked.

While liability insurance covers some use cases, f you are serious about running about having an online Python business, you should also consider becoming a Limited Liability Company. Getting your LLC is beneficial to protecting yourself and your up-and-coming business. One of the benefits is its flexibility, supporting either a sole proprietorship partnership or a corporation. I want to give you the best LLC Service online for you to get started with.

DISCLAIMER: We’re programmers not lawyers or tax accountants. Please don’t take this as professional advice. We just share some services we found valuable—but that doesn’t mean that they must be valuable for you under any circumstance.

So, I would like to introduce to you a few of the best LLC formation services you can use for your upcoming business. You can use these services to help get you started in protecting yourself and keep your business compliant while some of these websites have as little as $0+ to $49+ for the state fees, which will help you cover everything that you need for your business. You can often go online and find plenty of online services which will help you file the correct documentation you need.

Any business you are looking to create, needs you to have a registered agent, a DBA, and an EIN as a part of your business, though there is much more we did not cover here. Including, a business email account and an accounting and bookkeeping application like Quickbooks to keep track of invoices and purchases made for your business. This will help you keep your affairs in order so you can take care of clients and leads as you work on your projects and work. You can form an LLC in any state you wish and can find a sitemap for.


  • Price: $345 for the full package.
  • Ratings: 4.7 (Excellent)

A trustworthy, professional service for creation of your LLC as a freelance developer. Here are some benefits of their LLC creation service:

  • Low-fee federal and state filing
  • LLC Operating Agreement
  • Essential legal documents for your LLC
  • Business guide to help you save up to $3,000

GovDocFiling provides an introductory video:

How to Start an LLC in 5 minutes. Benefits of an LLC, Why you Need One, and How to Start One!

You can check it out here in our partner link:

If you want a simple and price-efficient solution with high customer satisfaction scores, GovDocFiling may be just the service you’ve been looking for.


  • Price: Between $49 and $299 billed annually.
  • Ratings: 4.8 (Excellent)

One of the most top-rated LLC formations services as a top LLC choice is Zenbusiness. It gives small businesses and sole proprietors the ability to live out their dreams. They primarily focus on woman or minority owned businesses to encourage more growth in the community. It offers 3 different plans to help you get started. One of the cons to this particular website is it does not support corporation filing until after 30 days. This is a great place to start if you are serious about your Python freelancing. I have also posted a link below that lists 7 service sites where you can obtain an LLC. Use this link to help you find some of the greatest LLC services to help entrepreneurs the opportunity to create a business with a corporation.

  • Price: Between $99 and $324 plus state fees.
  • Ratings: 4.4 (Excellent)

This is a great choice for LLC formation for freelance developers because it focuses on small businesses. Here’s a screenshot of the pricing page:


  • Price: Starts from $79 plus states fees.
  • Ratings: 4.1 (Great)

A trusted partner in creating your own freelancing business (LLC) that has already served millions of small and medium business owners like you:


I want to thank you for coming with me to this little article. It is important to form an LLC so you can protect yourself against bad clients. If you don’t already have one, create a business work email, get an accounting app and you will get lifetime expert business support and services. Put together an outline of what you would like your business to accomplish and see if you can’t find a plan that best fits you. I hope you find my list worthwhile as the top seven and that you will be able to use it on your developer’s journey as you continue to grow your Python business freelancing.