Best Matplotlib Cheat Sheet

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Hey Finxters! It is time for another cheat sheet for Python using Matplotlib!

For the curious, Matplotlib is a Python 2D plotting library which produces figures in hard-copy formats and interactive environments across platforms. These cheat sheets are going to become very handy when you need to write a program for a company and show projections or for a science report with accurate numbers on a plot graph. This library is very handy, so keep it close. Now is the time to dive right into cheat sheets that are the best around for Matplotlib.

Cheat Sheet 1: DataCamp

Matplotlib Cheat Sheet

DataCamp has this cheat sheet drawn up for us! Nice and neat showing you the processes of Matplotlib from creation to showing, this little number is perfect for taping to the wall behind the monitor. It has the code examples you need and graphics to show you how it should look.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 2: Cheatography

Cheatography is another great place to get almost any type of cheat sheet you need! This one is done in black and white which minimizes distractions on the sheet. It has the code functions you need on hand, separated in sections for what they do in matplotlib.

Pros: Very clean and ordered.

Cons: Not many explanations on what matplotlib functions do.

Cheat Sheet 3: Github

This cheat sheet is most unorthodox! It shows you matplotlib like never before. Using the document as the entire example, it shows you the pictures of all the different functions in matplotlib. Change the line thickness, place in a unicode marker or put up a contour graph. It shows you with pictures to make sure you got it right.

Pros: It is unorthodox but perfect for visual learners.

Cons: I would not use this as a beginner to Matplotlib, might be best as a study tool.

Cheat Sheet 4:

This pdf is from and shows code examples on how to run functions in matplotlib and Python. Done in a minimalist style, it would be a refreshing one to hang behind the monitor since it only has a pop of color.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 5: Github

I am in love with this cheat sheet! Not only does it have the code functions but the pictures to go with it! I have this one hanging with all my other Python cheat sheets above my desk! I would highly encourage developers using matplotlib to use this one because of the rich content it has.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone. Highly recommended!

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 6: Github

This cheat sheet is drawn up specifically for beginners in matplotlib. It will take you through the functions and methods first so you can get a feel for matplotlib and how it is used. It is nicely separated into sections like choose, tweak, organize, explore, label and save. You can learn to create a simple 2D plot by simply following this cheat sheet so it is a great way to practice learning using different data types (←Psst! That is a pro tip!)

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone. Great for learning how to create a 2D plot graph.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 7: Github

As much as the one above is beginners, this cheat sheet is for the intermediate developer using matplotlib. It has code examples for the hierarchy ofΒ  each element. It also has diagrams to show you how it should look on matplotlib.

Pros: Great content for intermediate users, highly recommended to also grab the above cheat sheet.

Cons: Rated β€˜I’ for the intermediate user, though if you grabbed the one above grab this one too! You’ll be here soon with enough practice!

Cheat Sheet 8: Cheatography

This cheat sheet is found on Cheatography! It has all the code functions with examples you will need to use on a one sided page. It has minimal explanation but it is still a cheat, I would say print and keep it on hand and study from when building a plot graph.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 9: DataCamp

This cheat sheet is used for Seaborn which ties into matplotlib to making stunning graphical illustrations making it a high level interface for drawing attractive statistical graphics.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: It is technically for Seaborn, but it is a complementary piece of matplotlib and is used in tandem.

Cheat Sheet 10: Github

Finally, this cheat sheet goes over all of the tips and tricks used in matplotlib!! I would also highly recommend printing and taping it next to your other matplotlib cheat sheets. Tips and tricks always come in handy when you are in a pinch!

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: None that I can see.