Best VS Code Cheat Sheet

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Hey Finxters!! It is time for another cheat sheet!! Cheat sheets are super helpful if you are looking to become a Python freelancer. Some of the basics need to be condensed and learned quickly to get you on your way. You will also need to know the IDE you are working with and their shortcuts. Knowing how to work in VS Code is half the battle, knowing the shortcuts will make your developing life much easier! Let us tarry no longer and dive into Visual Studio Code IDE!

Cheat Sheet 1: Visual Studio

Straight from the source of Visual Studio, this cheat sheet is specifically designed with all of the shortcuts for Windows users. Rejoice if you use Windows like I do. You can print this cheat sheet and pin it to the wall or place it in your developers binder.

Pros: Perfect cheat sheet to have, all shortcuts are available

Cons: Designed specifically for Windows.

Cheat Sheet 2: ShortcutFoo

Bookmark this cheat sheet from Shortcut Foo. It has all of your shortcuts listed and this is a great way to test yourself on learning the keyboard commands through finger muscle repetition.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: Does not print.

Cheat Sheet 3:

This cheat sheet is written by Rico, a fellow developer like us! He has a modest collection of cheat sheets he has written. This cheat sheet should be bookmarked and is written for VS code ver. 1.19

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone.

Cons: Doesn’t print, is for an older version of VS Code.

Cheat Sheet 4: Visual Studio

This cheat sheet is also from Visual Studio like the first however this cheat sheet is designed for Linux users! Keep it on hand when you are working in VS Code. Print it and pin it to the wall behind the monitor

Pros: Perfect for Linux users with all keyboard shortcuts shown

Cons: Designed for specifically for Linux

Cheat Sheet 5: Visual Studio

Final one from Visual Studio! This cheat sheet is for Mac users. I really wanted to make sure all OS systems are covered so how could I forget the Mac users? Print this sheet and pin it to the wall or in you developers binder to keep it handy

Pros: Perfect for Mac users with all keyboard shortcuts shown.

Cons: Designed for Mac specifically.

Cheat Sheet 6: Log Rocket

Here is another cheat sheet that you can print from Log Rocket, a front-end monitoring company. This cheat sheet is for Windows, and contains the short cuts you will need to work the keyboard shortcuts.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 7: GitTower

Git Tower has a two sheet pdf cheat sheet for the Mac Edition OS. It takes the time to explain the terminal, editor splits and keyboard shortcut preferences. This cheat sheet is really useful for Mac OS Users.

Pros: Gives explanations and infographics.

Cons: Written for Mac Operating Systems

Cheat Sheet 8: MakeUseOf

This cheat sheet is made for Windows OS and even has a free download available that is sent straight to your inbox. Print it and keep it close at hand when you go to work in Python using VS Code.

Pros: Free download straight to you inbox on useful information.

Cons: None that I can see.

Cheat Sheet 9: Kapeli

This cheat sheet is written for Mac OS for Apple users. The cheat sheet does not print but it does have everything you need from VS Code and it keyboard shortcuts on a Mac computer.

Pros: Great for Mac users.

Cons: Does not print.

Cheat Sheet 10: Arunkumar

This cheat is one that you will want to bookmark!! By far, the most comprehensive cheat sheet with shortcuts for all 3 main OS systems( Windows, Linux, Mac) it includes a quick guide to changing the keyboard shortcuts with visuals.

Pros: Rated β€˜E’ for everyone. The best one by far

Cons: Does not print. Other than that, none that I can see.

I hope that these cheat sheets will be useful to you on your Python Freelance Journey. These cheat sheets cover the 3 main OS systems, most of which you can print and keep on hand as you work projects in VS Code. If you are unsure on where to start, I would humbly suggest VS Code website itself. All of the documentation is there for you to get an in depth look into VS Code as an IDE. Click the link below for a deeper look into Visual Studio Code.