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The idea of is to create an immortal message, i.e., a “vow”, promise, love message, dedication, or just a simple note to your (future) kids that shall outlast civilizations.

Bitcoiners believe that the Bitcoin Blockchain will exist for hundreds of years.

πŸ’‘ The last Bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140. So, the “launch” process of the Bitcoin token distribution was set to roughly 132 years by Satoshi. After that, all 21 million tokens will have been distributed, and the Bitcoin network will start to converge to its steady state in which it may operate forever.

One day not too far in the future, we’ll all be dead. But the Bitcoin network will still produce block, after block, after block.

Tick, tock, next block. ⏱️ Forever.

Becoming Immortal

Nations collapse. Religions come and go. Stories and legends will eventually be forgotten.

☠️ If you craved immortality and glory in the years 10, 100, or 1000 BB (Before Bitcoin), you had to win epic battles such as Julius Caesar, create groundbreaking technologies and artworks such as Leonardo DaVinci, or launch whole new religions such as Jesus Christ.

Too much work, you say? I agree. Fortunately, there’s an easier solution to becoming immortal today and it doesn’t involve effort. Just some imagination…

How to Become Immortal as a Lazy Early Adopter?

If you crave immortality and glory today, your best shot is to become an early adopter of the Bitcoin network and engrave your message into the Blockchain — rest assured: your message will be read by generations of humans far in the future!

πŸ’¬ Why not send your partner a love message, renew your vows, or write a note to your future children into the Blockchain?

Today, it’s still possible. In only a few years, Blockspace will be too expensive for us mere mortals. Blockspace will be so expensive that only higher-layer protocols can afford to pay for it in order to batch thousands or even millions of second-layer transactions into a single first-layer Bitcoin transaction.

Only the richest of the rich will compete for the right to become immortal by writing to the Bitcoin network in the year 2140!

So, if you agree with this futuristic outlook and you also believe that Bitcoin will endure, write your partner a love message like I did:

Figure: See the message I sent to my partner using!

You can order the full service on our new offering: We’ll handle all the technical difficulties of creating OP_RETURN scripts and all that. You just send us the 30-character message to be included in the Blockchain!