Best 15+ Machine Learning Cheat Sheets to Pin to Your Toilet Wall

Toilet Wall Cheat Sheet

This article compiles for you the 15 best cheat sheets in the web that help you get started with machine learning. If you’re short on time, here are the 15 direct PDF links (open in a new tab): Supervised Learning (Afshine Amidi) Unsupervised Learning (Afshine Amidi) Deep Learning (Afshine Amidi) Machine Learning Tips and Tricks … Read more

They Use These 15+ Python Interview Questions To Fail You … (And What You Can Do About It)

Fear Your Coding Interview? This article shows you how to make your coding interview a success. General Tips to Prepare Your Interview Watch Google Interview tips. Read Prof. Philip Guo’s tips. Practice coding in Google Docs. Don’t use a code highlighting editor for your training time. Solve at least 50+ code puzzles. And most importantly: … Read more

How to Become a Python Freelancer—and Earn $1,000 on the Side? [A Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Pyhton Freelancer

Do you want to earn money as a Python freelancer? But you just start out learning Python? This article leads you step-by-step through the adventure of becoming a Python freelancer. Learn about the exact steps you need to do to become a Python freelancer – starting out as a Python newbie. Without losing any time, let’s dive into the 7 steps of becoming a Python freelancer.

7 Best Ways to Convert Dict to CSV in Python

πŸ’¬ Question: How to convert a dictionary to a CSV in Python? In Python, convert a dictionary to a CSV file using the DictWriter() method from the csv module. The csv.DictWriter() method allows you to insert a dictionary-formatted row (keys=column names; values=row elements) into the CSV file using its DictWriter.writerow() method. 🌍 Learn More: If … Read more

How to Convert a DBF to a CSV in Python?

Background πŸ’‘ A dBase database file (DBF) is a database file format with the .dbf file extension used by various applications and database systems. πŸ’‘ A comma-separated values (CSV) file is a text file that uses a comma to separate fields of a data record (=line). Problem Formulation Given a .dbf file my_db.dbf. How to … Read more

How to Convert Tab-Delimited File to CSV in Python?

The easiest way to convert a tab-delimited values (TSV) file to a comma-separated values (CSV) file is to use the following three lines of code: import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv(‘my_file.txt’, sep=’\t’, header=None) df.to_csv(‘my_file.csv’, header=None) We’ll explain this and other approaches in more detail next—scroll down to Method 3 for this exact method. Problem … Read more

How to Convert a CSV.gz to a CSV in Python?

To convert a compressed CSV file (.csv.gz) to a CSV file (.csv) and read it in your Python shell, use the, ‘rt’, newline=”) function call to open the gzipped file, the function to read its contents, and the file.write() function to write the CSV in a normal (unzipped) file. The function has … Read more

How to Convert a List of Dicts to a CSV File in Python [4 Ways]

Problem: How to convert a list of dictionaries to a csv file? Example: Given is a list of dicts—for example salary data of employees in a given company: Your goal is to write the content of the list of dicts into a comma-separated-values (CSV) file format. Your out file should look like this: my_file.csv: Name,Job,Salary … Read more

3 Simple Steps to Convert calendar.ics to CSV/Excel in Python

Step 1: Install csv-ical Module with PIP Run the following command in your command line or PowerShell (Windows) or shell or terminal (macOS, Linux, Ubuntu) to install the csv-ical library: In some instances, you need to modify this command a bit to make it work. If you need more assistance installing the library, check out … Read more

Python CSV to UTF-8

This article concerns the conversion and handling of CSV file formats in combination with the UTF-8 encoding standard. πŸ’‘ The Unicode Transformation Format 8-Bit (UTF-8) is a variable-width character encoding used for electronic communication. UTF-8 can encode more than 1 million (more or less weird) characters using 1 to 4 byte code units. Example UTF-8 … Read more