Best 15+ Machine Learning Cheat Sheets to Pin to Your Toilet Wall

Toilet Wall Cheat Sheet

This article compiles for you the 15 best cheat sheets in the web that help you get started with machine learning. If you’re short on time, here are the 15 direct PDF links (open in a new tab): Supervised Learning (Afshine Amidi) Unsupervised Learning (Afshine Amidi) Deep Learning (Afshine Amidi) Machine Learning Tips and Tricks … Read more

They Use These 15+ Python Interview Questions To Fail You … (And What You Can Do About It)

Fear Your Coding Interview? This article shows you how to make your coding interview a success. General Tips to Prepare Your Interview Watch Google Interview tips. Read Prof. Philip Guo’s tips. Practice coding in Google Docs. Don’t use a code highlighting editor for your training time. Solve at least 50+ code puzzles. And most importantly: … Read more

How to Become a Python Freelancer—and Earn $1,000 on the Side? [A Step-by-Step Tutorial]

Pyhton Freelancer

Do you want to earn money as a Python freelancer? But you just start out learning Python? This article leads you step-by-step through the adventure of becoming a Python freelancer. Learn about the exact steps you need to do to become a Python freelancer – starting out as a Python newbie. Without losing any time, let’s dive into the 7 steps of becoming a Python freelancer.

26 Insane Auto-GPT and Baby AGI Alternatives You Ought to Try in 2023

Project 01: AgentGPT Description: Created by Asim Shrestha, AgentGPT allows for the assembly, configuration, and deployment of autonomous AI agents right in your browser. Author: Asim Shrestha πŸ•ŠοΈ Twitter: Project 02: BabyAGI on Slack Description: This project brings BabyAGI to Slack, with each thread representing a unique objective. Its author, Frank Chen, has enabled … Read more

Smol-Developer: Your Cute AI-Based Junior Developer πŸ•β€πŸ¦Ί

I just stumbled upon this project smol-developer that allows you to have your own “junior” programming assistant. If you’re like me, i.e., not really a nerd in deep Reddit culture, you wonder what exactly “smol” means in this context. What does “smol” mean? πŸ‡ Smol is an affectionate way of saying someone or something is … Read more

How I Cracked the Top 100 in the Kaggle House Prices Competition

Kaggle is a vibrant online community for data science and machine learning, providing a platform for learning, sharing, and competition. It’s an invaluable resource for individuals interested in these fields, regardless of their level of experience. The Kaggle House Prices – Advanced Regression Techniques Competition, in particular, is an excellent starting point for anyone who … Read more

How Exactly Does Ledger Generate the 24 Random Words? Risks Inside

Ledger hardware wallets are a go-to choice for many crypto enthusiasts looking to store their digital assets securely. Their technology revolves around the generation of a 24-word recovery phrase, a critical component in the security of the wallet. Let’s dive into the inner workings of Ledger’s security, explore how the 24-word recovery phrase is created, … Read more

GET & POST in Django Made Easy

I’m currently working on the Finxter app that I implemented using Python and Django. When slightly modifying the submit form that used a “POST” HTTP method I wondered if this would be also possible with HTTP “GET”. And what is the technical difference anyway? πŸ§‘β€πŸ’» In this article, I quickly condense my research in case … Read more