Will AI Replace Coders?

Of course, it will! I doubt that there’s any job today that won’t be replaced by general AI. But even if you don’t believe in general AI, there will be specific AIs optimized to write cleaner code with fewer bugs (and don’t bitch about working conditions). Humans are inherently bad at coding. It’s even hard for … Read more

Free “Python One-Liners” Book Chapter (PDF Download)

Today, I could not really focus. My mind was constantly wandering back to my current book writing project (“Python One-Liners”, NoStarchPress, 2020). So I thought why not share a sample chapter today instead of creating new puzzles or content? Here’s a sample chapter about the best and most important Python one-liner tricks. Feel free to … Read more

How Can I Start to Code?

Coding is a very attractive industry right now. Freelance developers earn six figures with hourly rates that can easily reach $50 to $100. Demand soars—so naturally, supply is also on the rise: More and more people want to start to code. Here’s a simple strategy I have developed for my Python freelance course students that … Read more

The Rabin-Karb Algorithm in Python

The Rabin-Karb algorithm solves the string-search problem. It was proposed by Richard Karp and Michael Rabin in 1987. Both creators have received the highest award in the area of computer science: the Turing award! The algorithm is more efficient than the trivial solution of checking all consecutive substrings in an original string. First, have a … Read more

What are Python’s Disadvantages?

Python is among the fastest-growing major programming languages. Soon, it’ll become one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Yet, Python has a few disadvantages compared to other programming languages. These are the main drawbacks of Pythonβ€”ordered by how serious I find them: Speed: If you care about speed, you should prefer the … Read more

The Workforce Disruption of the 21st Century

You may be interested in creating your own (side-) coding business online. The world has changed. Today, freelancing is THE most suitable way of organizing, managing, and delivering talents to creators in the 21st century. Here’s how freelancing impacts every aspect of my professional life today: I work as a freelancer myself. This was how … Read more

The Grass is Always Green

Many people today practice a weird habit: they are unfocused—jumping from one opportunity to the other. One day they do drop-shipping, the next day they start a blog, the next day they start a YouTube channel. The grass is always greener on the other side. Unfortunately, because of the nature of business, there is no … Read more