Python Set remove()

Python’s set.remove(x) method removes an element x from this set if it is a member, otherwise it raises a KeyError. Here’s a minimal example where you remove the string element ‘Bob’ from the set by means of the s.remove() method: Syntax Let’s dive into the formal syntax of the set.remove() method. set.remove(element) Argument Data Type … Read more

NumPy Diff Simply Explained [Tutorial + Video]

? NumPy’s np.diff() function calculates the difference between subsequent values in a NumPy array. For example, np.diff([1, 2, 4]) returns the difference array [1 2]. Here is a simple example to calculate the Fibonacci number differences: This code snippet shows the most simple form of the np.diff() method: how to use it on a one-dimensional NumPy … Read more

Manipulating Dates and Times in Python

In this article we will cover some basic features of the datetime module in Python. More specifically, we will see how to extract the current date and time and how to implement these features within a script in order to realize time-driven actions. Long Story Short The datetime module in Python allows you to deal … Read more

[Fixed] ImportError: No module named requests

Problem Formulation: How to fix ImportError: No module named requests in Python? You might be working on a web scraping project and want to import the requests library and check the status of the response. However, as soon as you try to execute your code, Python throws ImportError as shown below. Example: Output: ✨ The Requests Library Requests … Read more