The Ultimate Guide to NumPy Reshape() in Python

Most of the function names in Python can be intuitively connected to the meaning of the function. The NumPy reshape() function is not an exception. The reshape() function brings an array into another shape while keeping all the original data. NumPy’s reshape() function takes an array to be reshaped as a first argument and the … Read more

What is Short Circuit Evaluation in Python?

Short circuit evaluation in any programming language is the act of not executing unnecessary parts of a Boolean expression. Say, you want to calculate the result of the expression “A and B” but you already know that “A=False”. Because of your knowledge of the first part of the expression, you already know that the result … Read more

How to Escape 9 to 5 as a Python Freelancer?

Why do YOU want to improve your coding skills? I vividly remember my first semester studying computer science more than 10 years ago. I knew almost nothing about coding. My uncle, a professional software developer, had quickly shown me the programming language “Visual Basic” and told me something which you may find helpful in your … Read more

One Line of Code Every Day: A Powerful Habit

Today I want to propose a new habit for you which will ensure that you are on the path of continuous improvement in Python — on the path to mastery. Maybe you have read the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg (wiki). The Pulitzer-Price winning author talks about forming keystone habits that will … Read more

Why Most Coders Fail Riding the Curve of Continuous Improvement

In this article, I want to discuss an important topic for me because it’s at the heart of what we are doing at Finxter. At the heart of Finxter is continuous improvement in computer science. For example, in my email series “Coffee Break Python” I deliver one piece of knowledge regarding Python, coding productivity and … Read more

Why You Are Stuck in Coding

Today I want to address a very controversial topic. I know why you feel stuck and you don’t improve as a coder anymore. You are stuck in coding because you don’t produce enough — you are consuming way too much. It’s an ugly truth and I’m sorry if you feel offended. But it’s nonetheless the … Read more