How to Set Up Conda

Ready, Steady, Go —-> Data Science by setting up Conda in your Computer It has never been easier from the early python data tools invention than now, to set up an user environment in our own computer. Conda brings that easiness with it. Conda as it defines itself is an “OS-agnostic, system-level binary package manager … Read more

How to Generate Text Automatically With Python? A Guide to the DeepAI API

Do you want to enrich your Python script with powerful text-generation capabilities? You’re in the right place! What does it do? I just discovered DeepAI’s API that automatically generates a body of text, given a sentence fragment or topic keyword. How can it be used? You can use this as a basis to generate text … Read more

__str__ vs __repr__ In Python

Summary: The key goal of __str__ and __repr__ is to return a string representation of a Python object. The way they represent the string object differentiates them. str() & __str()__ return a printable/readable string representation of an object which is focused on the end-user. repr() & __repr()__ return a string representation of an object that is a valid Python object, something you can … Read more

How to Get MD5 of a String? A Python One-Liner

Rapid Answer: The following one-liner calculates the MD5 from the string ‘hello world’: Background: MD5 message-digest is a vulnerable cryptographic algorithm to map a string to a 128-bit hash value. You can use it as a checksum on a given text to ensure that the message hasn’t been corrupted. However, you shouldn’t use it as … Read more

NumPy Structured Arrays and Record Arrays

Prerequisites Python Fundamentals Numpy basics Learning Outcomes from tutorial How structured data can be formed Numpy Structured Array – Creation, Assigning data and doing operations Creating Structured Datatype (dtype) Memory allocation to Structured Arrays Record Arrays – How it’s related to the Structured Arrays Understanding the requirement of Pandas package Structured arrays are special forms … Read more

Pandas NaN — Working With Missing Data

Pandas is Excel on steroids—the powerful Python library allows you to analyze structured and tabular data with surprising efficiency and ease. Pandas is one of the reasons why master coders reach 100x the efficiency of average coders. In today’s article, you’ll learn how to work with missing data—in particular, how to handle NaN values in … Read more

Best Programming Languages to Start Freelancing in 2020

The demand for programming talent has steadily increased in the preceding decades. In fact, there never has been a better time to start learning to code. Why? Because you (yes, YOU!) can sell your skills for top dollars—the average freelancer earns much more than $100,000 per year (source). Nobody denies two transformative trends: Programming is … Read more

How to Be a Freelance Developer in Germany

Being a Python freelancer is a new way of living in the 21st century. It’s a path of personal growth, learning new skills, and earning money in the process. But in today’s digital economy, becoming a Python freelancer is – above everything else – a lifestyle choice. It can give you fulfillment, flexibility, and endless … Read more

PyCharm Extended

In this section of our tutorial we are going to discuss some of the tips and tricks that helps us to navigate through PyCharm. We will also discuss some of the important shortcuts in PyCharm which can save our time while working with our code. Thus, without further delay let us jump into our discussion. … Read more

Leaving the Rat Race with Python [PDF Free Download]

Book: Leaving the Rat Race with Python Subtitle: How to Nurture, Grow, and Harness Your Work-From-Home Coding Business Online, and Live the Good Life Authors: Dr. Christian Mayer & Lukas Rieger Direct download link: File Format: PDF (100 pages) Description: This practical how-to book will help you nurture, grow, and harness your new online … Read more