Python foreach Loop

💡 Question: Does Python have a for each or foreach loop? If so, how does it work? If not, what is the alternative? This article will shed light on these questions. I’ll give you the summary first and dive into the details later: Python has three alternatives to the “for each” loop: A simple for … Read more

Solidity Crash Course

Introduction In this first article in the series, we’ll start with the basics of what Solidity is, what smart contracts are, how they work, how they are implemented, and then dig right into some cool Solidity examples and details. Of course, the first question poses itself: what is Solidity? As you could have imagined, Solidity … Read more

17 Ways to Read a CSV File to a Pandas DataFrame

💬 Question: How to import a CSV file to a Pandas DataFrame in Python? This article will discuss the most interesting examples to read a CSV file to a Pandas DataFrame. If not specified otherwise, we use the following CSV file for all examples: my_file.csv: Name,Job,Age,Income Alice,Programmer,23,110000 Bob,Executive,34,90000 Carl,Sales,45,50000 Let’s get started! Example 1 – … Read more