Tech Investors Arbitrage Negativity Bias

The future is bright. Yet, negativity bias is a well-documented phenomenon in cognitive science: As a result, third-party input data flowing into your brain is biased towards negativity.  From LLM training, we know what happens with input data biases – they become output biases ingrained in the neural nets. But any bias is dangerous: “What gets … Read more

Is There a WordPress Shortcut to Format Selected Text as Inline Code?

Question ⚑ Problem Formulation: If you’re a coder writing articles on WordPress, you often have to make selected text inline_code. The standard approach is to select the text, click the small “v” symbol to expand the formatting options, and choose “Inline code” from the dropdown menu. But this is cumbersome if you have large amounts … Read more

BlockAGI – Getting Started

BlockAGI is an open-source research agent inspired by AutoGPT and designed for self-hosting. You can use it for iterative, domain-specific research. Initially, they focused on cryptocurrency (that’s where the name part Block comes from). But the project has grown beyond that and is applicable to many fields because it can generate detailed narrative reports, for … Read more

Python Argparse Module – Command Line Arguments Made Easy

The argparse module in Python is designed for writing user-friendly command-line interfaces. It allows the programmer to define the expected arguments, helping the program to automatically generate help and usage messages and to issue errors when users give the program invalid arguments. For example, a programmer might use argparse to create a script for resizing … Read more

Finance Gurus: Be Average, Ignore Your Tech Insights, and Buy ETFs – Is This How You Get Wealthy?

The traditional investment advice, as given by Jessica from DataTrek Research, may suit a cautious, long-term investor. Here’s the traditionalist’s pitch for a sound and safe investment strategy: Prioritize low-risk, diversified investments like ETFs tracking major indices, avoid speculative options and volatile cryptocurrencies, focus on steady long-term growth through dollar-cost averaging, $50 per month for … Read more

Midjourney vs ChatGPT: Reverse Engineering Sam Altman’s $27-Million Mansion in San Francisco

This article aims to compare the reverse prompting capabilities of GPT-4V versus Midjourney. As a running example, we’ll use pics of a beautiful mansion in San Francisco. As a fun fact, sources like this and this say this is indeed Sam Altman’s house. Altman’s Mansion πŸ”— Original image. First, I passed this image into ChatGPT … Read more

(Fixed) Python SyntaxError Unexpected Token ‘ ‘

A SyntaxError: Unexpected Token ‘ ‘ in Python typically occurs when the Python interpreter encounters a piece of code that has an unexpected space character in a place where Python doesn’t expect it. Python’s “unexpected token ‘ ‘” error typically results from mistakes in your code’s structure or incorrect use of parentheses, braces, or other … Read more

Bitcoin Dominance – Are Shitcoins Really Shit Coins? πŸ’©

The purpose of the graph is to visually represent and compare the historical performance of Bitcoin with other major cryptocurrencies since their inception, particularly focusing on how these cryptocurrencies have performed relative to Bitcoin from the year they entered the top five in market capitalization. By adjusting the starting values of each cryptocurrency to align … Read more

Introducing FinxterGPT — Your State-of-the-Art Learning Experience at Finxter Academy

As I strolled down memory lane today, my mind wandered back to my university days. Those were times of sitting on crowded lecture hall floors, straining to follow along as professors delved into complex theoretical computer science, for instance. Within minutes, many of us were lost in a sea of jargon, our understanding dwindling with … Read more

(Fixed) Python TypeError: String Indices Must Be Integers

Problem Formulation In Python, the “TypeError: string indices must be integers” error typically occurs when a string type object is accessed with non-integer indices. This error often arises in situations involving data structures like lists and dictionaries. Understanding the Error & Code Example This error signifies that the code attempts to index a string using … Read more

Yahoo-Fin: Fetching Historical Stock Data with Python’s Yahoo Finance API

This guide provides an easy-to-understand foundation for beginners and intermediate users to leverage the Yahoo Finance API with Python for financial data analysis. Yahoo Finance API offers a wealth of financial data, from stock prices and market trends to currency exchange rates. This guide will introduce you to using the Yahoo Finance API yahoo_fin with … Read more