Focus: How to Crush it in Coding!

One of my Finxter Python students, Davis, struggles with the following problem: “I want to get way better at reading, understanding and editing code. Eventually, i want to move to data science and machine learning. I think you are doing enough I just need more focus and determination. I really want to be a Python … Read more

What’s ns-3?

ns-3 is a network simulator for internet systems. It became popular beyond education and research through Google’s Summer of Code 2019. ns-3 is build in Python and C++. Here are the main simulator phases which you have to specify: Define the network topology. Develop your models (e.g. UDP, TCP). Configure the nodes and links. Simulate … Read more

What Non-Programming Skills to Learn Online That Will Explode Your Career Options?

Do you work in the software development industry? Big news: programming expertise is an important skill set that will help you accelerate your career. For example, one of the most satisfying and highest-paying jobs are DevOps specialists (read more on my blog article about this excellent job description). But DevOps specialists need to have a high-level of coding expertise—gained … Read more

How Does “And Precedence” Work in a Python Boolean Expression?

In Python, the Boolean and operator takes precedence before the Boolean or operator. How does this work exactly? Consider the following example code puzzle: Before you read on, take a guess: What’s the output of this code puzzle? (You can solve the puzzle interactively at the Finxter app.) The puzzle tests your understanding of the … Read more

How to Prepare for the Next Crash?

First of all, I have no clue when the next market crash will come. Neither is it important to know the exact date. Having said this, there are many clues that the next market correction may come soon. The FED may expect it as indicated by the flattening yield curve of US government bonds. Yet, … Read more

What is the Easiest Work on

So you want to join the workforce of the 21st century—by working as a freelancer? No matter whether you want to work on the side or full-time, you need to earn some trust first. Clients want to see that you are a reliable freelancer who can finish tasks successfully. To this end, it makes sense … Read more

How can I embed Python code in an XML file?

You can do this using the excellent framework Karrigell. This framework is focused on HTML though. “Karrigell is an open source Python web framework written in Python” (source). Say you want to embed the following Python code inside your HTML doc: With Karrigell, you can achieve this by using the <% … %> environment: Similarly, … Read more

How to Get 100-1000% Return on Investment Easily?

Sorry for the click-bait. But I’ve just read about a similar Quora question and some people were discussing ways to earn 10% on the stock market. In many cases, they proposed high-risk strategies for stock picking. I don’t want to argue too much against those ideas (they are stupid—you cannot beat the stock market over … Read more

How to Calculate Variance of Python NumPy Arrays?

Numpy is a popular Python library for data science focusing on arrays, vectors, and matrices. Did you already learn something new today? Let’s master the popular variance function in NumPy! Problem: How to calculate the variance of a NumPy array? Solution: To calculate the variance of a Python NumPy array x, use the function np.var(x). … Read more